Home again, home again, jig jig, #2.

Yesterday we drove to Minneapolis to pick up #1 Son at the airport. He has a 4-week break between the surgery rotation just finished and the next one, in-patient medicine, and he decided to spend that time here on the lake. (Hint to parents of soon-to-be adult children: If you want them to come visit you, move to a place they want to visit. My in-laws moved to Florida; it worked for them.)

He is planning to take a year off between years 3 and 4 of medical school to get an MS in public health. Admission to grad school requires the GRE, which he is taking next Tuesday. Here is how he will spend the first week of his vacation:

A studying 

He set up Study Central on the porch, where there was plenty of natural light and he could plug his iPod into the stereo. What you cannot hear is that the stereo is cranked up and at this moment Bob Dylan is singing to him about Highway 61. The fan in the foreground is to promote the flow of air-conditioned air into his domain from the rest of the house (porch is not heated or a/c-ed).

Just for fun he and I started going through the Barron's GRE review book's one-page list of vocabulary words most likely to appear somewhere on the test. As usual, he amazed me with his articulacity (is too a work, I just used it). I generally knew approximately what a word meant, but he could nail it. Sometimes I got him laughing because my definitions often involved gestures and body language. Apparently there is no provision for that kind of definition in the GRE. Go figger. He hopes to go to Johns Hopkins or Harvard for the MS. No one ever has had to tell him to raise his sights higher.

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0 Responses to Home again, home again, jig jig, #2.

  1. Cookie says:

    Fingers crossed!

  2. Vicki says:

    I hope this first week of “vacation” leads to a result that makes weeks 2-4 very happy and relaxing — a vacation, indeed! All the best!

  3. gayle says:

    Good for him!
    And may the Force be with him on the GRE.

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