Home again, home again, jig jig.

We took a mini-vacation last week, five days at Temperance River State Park on the North Shore of Lake Superior.

It is always a good thing to bring all one's knitting tools along on vacation…

Kp options

…because one never knows when a delightful yarn shop — or two! — may appear on the horizon*.

Tall tale 

Before we left I had read Erika's post about her Red Scarf. I had already decided that I was not going to participate in the Red Scarf Project this year (forgive me, Norma!) because I had declared 2010 to be The Year Of Knitting For Me.

But that post kept lurking in the back of my mind.

First, I ventured into That Little Red House, a lovely yarn shop in Grand Marais that does not have a website and of which I tragically did not take a photo. The owner was friendly and chatty and I found the perfect yarn for a red scarf.

Rsp berocco 

The yarn is a 2-ply blend of wool, superkid mohair, and angora — lovely cottony soft. How handy that I had brought along my nostepinne and all my needles! I immediately cast on for the scarf, using La Harlot's One-Row Scarf pattern (I knit two scarves and several afghan squares from that pattern last year, so it is pretty well embedded in my brain).

Tra la la, a day or two later we found another yarn shop! This is the one whose sign is pictured above and is in Tofte, right across Hwy. 61 (yes, that Hwy. 61) from Blue Fin Bay resort. Guess what, that shop had some very nice red yarn**, too!

Rsp lambs pride 

Now I have two red scarves OTN and my conscience is a happy camper.

I finished the pair of socks that was in progress when we left and wore them. That means they are currently in the laundry pile so I'm not gonna model them for you right now. As soon as that pair was done I cast on for another pair from a skein of Trekking I bought last year.

Sock toe 

See that hole in the ground beyond my foot? That is a chipmunk burrow, and the chipmunks kept me constant company while I knit by the lake. Mostly they scurried about and scolded me for being in their territory. Eventually I had the clever idea of keeping a bag of trail mix handy and tossing them the occasional raisin. That kept them quiet.

* It may have helped that I did some serious googling for yarn shops in the area before we left. I even took screen shots of the Google maps showing the location of each one and loaded them onto my iPod. Always prepared, that's my motto!

** In case you cannot read the labels, this red yarn is Lamb's Pride Nature Spun worsted, and a more delightful and affordable 100% wool worsted I have never encountered. How come none of you told me about it? Keeping it all for yourself, eh? Well, now I know about it and it will be every knitter for herself. This yarn is soft and fluffy and knits wonderfully and was $6.95 (or $7.95, don't remember) for >200 yards. The skein on the right is a true bright red, the one on the left dark red. We all know how difficult it is to photograph anything red.

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0 Responses to Home again, home again, jig jig.

  1. Chris says:

    The Nature Spun scarf is very cool. 🙂 I never use Nature Spun because I seem to remember it pills like crazy. But YMMV.

  2. CindyG says:

    Hope it was cooler on the North Shore than down here! The chipmunk is adorable. How bold they are!

  3. marylou says:

    Nature Spun felts beautifully, too. And why are you re-winding that skeined yarn? Enquiring minds..

  4. Jeanne says:

    The Little Red House was not open the ENTIRE time we were in Grand Marais. Very disappointing. BTW, best meal I’ve had in a long time @ The Angry Trout in GM. Pricey, but SO GOOD!

  5. kmkat says:

    The weather was perfect — highs in the 70s, lows in the 50s, sunny every day. Much better than the forecast had led us to expect.
    Sent from my iPod

  6. Erika says:

    Lamb’s Pride Nature Spun! Never heard of it! I’m intrigued!
    Nice looking red scarves you have there!

  7. cursingmama says:

    I need a little trip up north in a tent… living vicariously through you is no longer working..particularly when you flaunt yarn stores like that.

  8. Now that sounds like the perfect vacation! You increased the yarn stash, decreased the guilt stash and have awesome lookin’ scarves in the makin’! That is some wicked multi-tasking…

  9. Bullwinkle says:

    /Curses! I feel a Red Scarf coming on … It’s psychically impossible Not to knit one.
    Lovely time away. Like cursingmama – I need me some of that.

  10. gayle says:

    I love Nature Spun, and Lamb’s Pride in general. It’s my default yarn, since that’s what my LYS carries. (Though I just saw in the paper that they’re now carrying Cascade 220. I haven’t been in for a while…)
    I’ve got a Red Scarf on the needles, too. Palindrome, this time. It’s my traveling knitting. Though I’m not traveling in near as interesting a fashion as you are!

  11. soxanne says:

    I had a chipmunk on my deck the other day happily sitting in one of my pots of begonias chowing down. When Pato went out to scare it away it simply waited until he started coming back in the house – hopped back in the pot before Pato was through the door!
    Nice yarn, btw and I love the organizer for your needles.

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