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It’s two-fer Tuesday!

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Home again, home again, jig jig, #2.

Yesterday we drove to Minneapolis to pick up #1 Son at the airport. He has a 4-week break between the surgery rotation just finished and the next one, in-patient medicine, and he decided to spend that time here on the … Continue reading

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Home again, home again, jig jig.

We took a mini-vacation last week, five days at Temperance River State Park on the North Shore of Lake Superior. It is always a good thing to bring all one's knitting tools along on vacation… …because one never knows when … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday, the college freshman edition.

Ten things I would tell a college freshman: Always sit at or near the front of the lecture room. This will help ensure that you pay attention, help you not miss anything, and if, heaven forfend, you need to throw … Continue reading

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Giant bubbles on the beach.

ETA: Apparently the video is no longer available on YouTube. But you may be able to see it here.

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Big doin’s this weekend.

#2 Son is doing it again. 0 The image above is the hi-res version of what appears on the spoke cards, below. No-Hater Rolling Dance Super Bike Mega Party 2010.1, Saturday, August 21, 5 – 10 p.m. If biking is … Continue reading

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1.2 Socks.

It occurred to me that perhaps I should remind everyone that I DO still knit. Currently OTN:   Notice the distinct lack of suntan, plus the remnants of that itchy rash on my legs. Ewww. Back in June when Smokey … Continue reading

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Video here.

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Even penguins are fascinated by butterflies.

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Time for silliness.

First of all, thanks to all my FB pals for filling my inbox with birthday wishes on Tuesday!It was a good day with a fabulous dinner at night. * * * * * Okay, this is a quiz. What did … Continue reading

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