Not a whistling swan, not an elk, but a…

Columbian ground squirrel. Despite the ringed tail, the resemblance (and the fact that two different commenters told me it was a CGS) is conclusive.

My guy on the left, a photo from the web on the right.

Col gr sq 

Thanks to Erika and that other reader who also identified my rodent as a Columbian ground squirrel. (I can't remember her name and her comment seems to have disappeared, but she is a former MT resident so knows whereof she spoke wrote)

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0 Responses to Not a whistling swan, not an elk, but a…

  1. Heather says:

    Yup, I’d say you’ve got a match. Squirrel CSI!

  2. tinebeest says:

    Ah yes, I have seen them in some nature documentary (David Attenborough, of course, possibly Life on Earth?)

  3. gayle says:

    Yours is a tad blonder, but looks like a match to me.
    Cute enough that they’re probably in a Disney cartoon somewhere…

  4. Cookie says:

    She’s a long way from home, isn’t she?

  5. lisa says:

    Weird… my comment from yesterday is gone gone gone, but I never lived in MT. I wonder if you had several comments bit the cyber dust yesterday? I guessed CGS, but wondered if it could be Richardson’s. But since I’ve never actually SEEN either of them…

  6. lisa says:

    oooh, I think yesterday I just hit “return” and thought the comment got posted, I forgot about the captchas.

  7. Bullwinkle says:

    So… my first thought when I looked at the pictures side by side was “How odd – it’s kind of like the lab sit.” (As in any labrador retriever posing for the camera.)
    I’m not sure what that means 😉 but I’m sure it’s the same squirrel.

  8. jordan retro says:

    I’m glad all is well here. Carry on.

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