Ten on Tuesday.

I joined Carole and her posse in the Ten on Tuesday movement. This week you get ten things I like about where I live.

  1. I live on a lake. It is the cleanest lake in the county. ::smug::
  2. In the woods.
  3. Duh.
  4. We designed the remodel of the house ourselves so, as much as was possible, it suits us. (Except that if we had it to do over we would make it a bit smaller. Hindsight, 20/20, etc.)
  5. Wildlife: deer, bear, otters, raccoons, porcupines, loons, turtles, eagles, hummingbirds. Also skunks and turkey vultures.
  6. Mosquitoes and deerflies and ticks. Yes, they suck (heh, I crack myself up)
    but they are way better than chiggers or rattlesnakes or hurricanes or
    earthquakes or tsunamis. Or oil spills. And it is highly unlikely that a
    tornado — the only really awful thing to which the upper Midwest is
    susceptible — will ever find its way down onto our property; they
    prefer flat land.
  7. This is Wisconsin, folks. Not Mississippi (the fattest state) or Texas (home of W) or Florida (never saw a developer it didn't like) or California (bankrupt, crowded, smoggy, and full of Californians (Cookie and Carrie K. and Crazy Aunt Purl, you are okay; the rest are nuts)). Great schools, one of the best library systems on the planet, (relatively) honest politics, a world-class university extension system, and a beautiful and bounteous landscape.
  8. There is a substantial tree hugging, friendly-to-the-earth, locavore, pro-sustainability, yeah-we're-old-hippies-get-over-it population here in Polk County. There are also a not-insignificant number of those from the other end of the spectrum, but diversity is what makes horse races, right?
  9. Seasons. Yeah, we cuss the snow and cold in the winter and the heat and bugs in the summer, but [see #7]. Could be a lot worse.
  10. This is the United States. I live in one of the richest countries ever, and because I am white, middle-class, [relatively] healthy, financially stable, and intelligent, there are practically no barriers to my enjoyment. Would that everyone could be so lucky.

* * * * *

We are home from vacation. Soon I will upload all the photos from my camera to my computer; then I shall be able to regale you with Tales from the Road and Campground. Until then, I will be occupied with unpacking the mini-mini-motorhome, putting away a mountain of crappe, laundry (at the laundromat), washing dishes (by hand; dishwasher broken, just like washing machine), attending to my duties at the county (financing, 2011 budget, new windows, hiring new department head, 2011 budget, wrangling, 2011 budget; did I mention that the budget cycle is starting again?), and general mischief.

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0 Responses to Ten on Tuesday.

  1. Kym says:

    Welcome home! Can’t wait to hear your all your tales. And your list? Great! It doesn’t get much better, does it?

  2. Chris says:

    I’m not sure that “Duh” counts, actually.

  3. Bullwinkle says:

    Welcome home! (I am sure that “duh” counts, actually.)

  4. k says:

    Which library system? MORE?

  5. Diane says:

    Welcome home. And no, :Duh: does not count. You owe us one. 🙂

  6. CindyG says:

    Fried cheese curds. Lovely state parks. By law, restaurants must serve real butter.Fish boils.
    There ought to be something in there to cover the “Duh”

  7. Nora says:

    Beer? Sausage? Badger Football? Frank Lloyd Wright? Russ Feingold? Yep, plenty to fill in for the “duh.”

  8. gayle says:

    I’ll give you the “Duh.” (Everyone is entitled to one free Duh.)
    Numbers 5-7 could be applied to Vermont, as well. (If only we lived in the woods near a lake… *sigh*)

  9. Vicki says:

    Welcome home!!

  10. cursingmama says:

    Why no mention of the Cheese World / Adult Store combination? That has got to be a historical landmark or something!

  11. Cookie says:

    Sounds lovely!
    While I do love my home state, I think it’s time to start shopping for a new one. Too many crazy people here for my taste and that says something. *L*

  12. Big Alice says:

    I hope your trip was lovely.
    Ugh, ticks. You can keep those.

  13. Carrie K says:

    I’ll take earthquakes over ticks, at the moment. Opinion subject to change depending on the magnitude and epicenter of next quake. Hmm. You might want to revise the crazy CA count.
    Duh counts. Duh.

  14. Sounds like a pretty nice place to hang your hat! Do you have a guest room? And maybe another one for two “active” felines?

  15. yes – welcome home….and Hear! Hear! about your list. Right here in Madison we can still claim some of them: while not on the shore, we do have four lovely lakes (two of them side-by-side and wonderful, plus a small one nearby our house); we live across the street from a forest – well, the 1200-acre Arboretum (the huge lilac garden is a literal paradise in May); we have deer, raccoons, hawks, falcons, coyotes, rabbits, wild turkeys, many kinds of birds – and in the winter, skiers. We share #s 7-10 with you. And we also have hundreds of wonderful restaurants of every stripe, theatres, the University, the Capitol – and our museum. Dare I say? Everything between YOU up there and US down here is as fabulous. Yes, my friend, we’re leading blessed lives.

  16. jordan retro says:

    Love your posts! Keep it up!

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