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Bibs and bobs.

  How well do you know the keyboard in front of you? Take the quiz. (I got 80%). * * * * * A few random facts from Mental Floss: In 2009, U.S. airlines collected $2.7 billion in baggage fees. … Continue reading

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The Knit Princess reads my blog!

That is the only explanation for the similarity between this and this (scroll down to the photo of Chris and Chaos). It simply could not be that cats everywhere do the same tricks with our knitting paraphernalia.

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Vacation, part 2: Bears.

First of all, we did not see bears in the campground or roaming the heights in the mountains. To make up for this shocking lack of ursine visibility, we went to this place just a couple of miles from our … Continue reading

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How much do you know about current events? I got 11 of 11 (much to my surprise).

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Ten on Tuesday.

This week's topic is ten things to do instead of watch TV. Since I rarely watch TV — no cable, no satellite — I feel imminently qualified for this one. (Just as I felt like an expert on last week's … Continue reading

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Coming next year to a television near you.

From today's Wall Street Journal (I don't know if the link will work if you are not a subscriber): Next year HBO will launch "Game of Thrones," a series based on George R. R. Martin's novels about power struggles in … Continue reading

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I write like.

Who do YOU write like? Disclaimer: I tried this several times. Got the above result twice, but also got these, once each. Clearly, my writing is schizophrenic…

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Ten on Tuesday.

This week's topic is ten things to bring on a camping trip. Having recently returned from a month-long camping trip, I feel exquisitely qualified for this one. We never camp in a tent, though, only in a camping trailer or … Continue reading

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Not a whistling swan, not an elk, but a…

Columbian ground squirrel. Despite the ringed tail, the resemblance (and the fact that two different commenters told me it was a CGS) is conclusive. My guy on the left, a photo from the web on the right.   Thanks to … Continue reading

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Vacation, part 1: wildlife.

We saw moose.   Yeah, you have already seen that one, but it is too good not to use again. We saw antelope. That is suburban Buffalo, WY in the far background. Hey, lady, whatchew lookin' at? We saw mule … Continue reading

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