So THAT'S why the road was closed when I attempted to drive to the government center today after lunch. This is the township road that the gravel road that leads to the dead-end road that leads to our driveway. When I returned home at 5 pm, the road was open. There was some rip-rap lining the should just to the right of that piece of equipment you can see in the photo and some standing water next to the road in a couple places.

Excitement in rural Wisconsin…

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  1. Minnesota Matron says:

    Okay, that’s scary excitement! I’m on John’s computer and can’t remember my facebook account password, so I’ll log in on my own tomorrow and give you a sock color. He’ll love them! He’s a sock, footie pajama and snuggle sort of guy : -). You’re sweet to do this!

  2. Chris says:

    Probably best you couldn’t take that road, I’m thinkin’.

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