No-Hater Rolling Dance Super Bike Mega Party 2010.0


That's my boy front and center, backed by about 70% of the total crowd that participated in his bike ride & dance party.

As I mentioned before, he had gotten a parade permit — perhaps as a response to my semi-humorous suggestion that might need one — and was glad he did. He said that at one point on the ride, a bit after midnight,

"…a squad car rolled up a block away and
stopped. We were on an area off of the greenway, which is why he had to keep his distance if he wasn't going to drive on the trail…But we walked over, told him exactly what we were doing, told him we had a parade permit…And name/position dropped
the lady we got the permit from and he had no problem…and drove off, without a closer look…And that was it for police interaction."

Whew. I would not have liked to have to bail my boy out of jail. Although, come to think of it, that would mean all three of my menfolk had been arrested. Not me, though; I am squeaky clean. It's the knitting. Keeps us honest. Or at least sneaky…

I was following the Facebook comments before the event.


A few more photos from the Facebook albums of the participants.

Bike fence

Two heads 

Yup, a DJ. Here is some of the prep in our garage:
Garage work 

A few more from the event itself:
Disco ball
Road ride 


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0 Responses to No-Hater Rolling Dance Super Bike Mega Party 2010.0

  1. tinebeest says:

    Woohoo! That looks like a lot of fun!

  2. cursingmama says:

    So you weren’t looking to pass along the phrase:
    “A party isn’t a party until the neighbors call the cops”

  3. Chris says:

    It does look like it was a blast!

  4. Cookie says:

    How cool!
    And thank goodness he got a permit!

  5. That looks awesome! I’m old and can’t plan something that big. I have life experience and everything. I still couldn’t have pulled it off…

  6. Jocelyn says:

    Seems like it would take some pretty awesome parents to raise a kid who is, well, so awesome himself. I LOVE this party and am only sorry I’m in Duluth and probably too damn old…but if I were in my 20’s in the Cities, watch out!

  7. soxanne says:

    What fun!
    Matthew’s run-in with the police sounds similar to a chat I had with a police officer about yarn bombing … as a knitter you have possibilities too. (I’m glad he didn’t get arrested though).

  8. Kym says:

    Now THAT looks like a lot of fun! 🙂

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