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Saturday chuckles.

You know that person who forwards every damned chain letter and e-mail joke that crosses her monitor? The one sometimes sends you racist forwards about how we should send all those &$%# immigrants back to wherever they came from and … Continue reading

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A newly-discovered-by-me blog that cracks me up on a regular basis. Here’s an little taste.   Food for thought.   Blood from a stone; special IRS form for free-lancers.   Feminine product ad cliches.   A famous quote from the … Continue reading

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Because I know you wanted to know.

Found at via

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Crow drama.

The scene. A crow arrives. Slowly they gather. Anybody else coming? Apparently crow #2 found a better branch. Good stuff under this bark, mate! No matter how tasty the bugs are, the wise crow keeps its eyes open. Sometimes it … Continue reading

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A walk in springtime.

Sunday was a gorgeous day here, sunny and warm with a tiny breeze.  I knitted in the porch for the first time this year, even had the window open. But before that I went for a short walk. Luckily, I … Continue reading

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40 days and 40 nights. Mememe.

Do you like bleu cheese? Love it. I live in Wisconsin; there is no cheese I won't eat. Have you ever smoked? 1969 – 1974. Not since. Do you own a gun? A .22 that was my dad's and was … Continue reading

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Woo boy, it is good that things have slowed down. It has been rather a frantic two weeks. Election. I was re-elected to my seat on the county board of supervisors by a landslide of 7 votes (out of 201 … Continue reading

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Word clouds.

This is my last post:   Here is the blog:   Make your own clouds here .

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Election results were posted at about 10:30 p.m. I squeaked past my opponent by 7 votes, 101 to 94. There are 23 seats on the county board; 9* 14 candidates were unopposed. Of the 14* 9 seats that were up … Continue reading

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I wanna be elected.

Today is (county and village) election day here in Wisconsin. And if that song sound vaguely familiar, it might be because of this:

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