The lake report.

The unseasonably warm weather we had last week is gone, but it is still well above freezing every day. The opening that the aerator kept clear all winter has grown so big I can see it from my deck.

Lake ice

Hey, what's that on the ice? (Smokey and I have said that to each other several times in the past couple days.)

Otter far 

It's an otter, and I do believe it is snacking on a fish!

Otter eat

Otter climb

Otter walk 

Buh-bye, Mr(s). Otter!

Otter gone 

How did I get such ::coughcough:: spectacularly professional photos of the otter, you ask?

Camera throne 

(Don't believe the thermometer on the wall — it lies. The temperature was in the 40s today.)

This was my first chance to put my new GorillaPod to use.

Camera gorillapod 

The camera I was using, shown above, has a 10x optical zoom, great for snapping the otter, but just a bit too old to have image stabilization — GorillaPod to the rescue! My small Canon that goes everywhere with me has IS but only a 6x zoom. But since there is a handy pocket in my purse/tote bag the flexible mini-tripod will go everywhere, too.

More photographic phun on the lake. Fish kill:

Fish kill 1 

There is a small bay that is connected to the lake by a narrow channel. We are in the eighth year (I heard today) of a drought cycle, and all the area lakes are very low. Our water level is so low that the channel was impassable last summer, and these fish were trapped in the bay where the aerator was no help to them over the winter. Our lake association has been petitioning the state Department of Natural Resources for permission to dredge the channel, but the Powers That Be have so far said no. Maybe this will change their minds.

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0 Responses to The lake report.

  1. Chris says:

    Yay, GorillaPod. I really should use mine more… The otter pictures are very cool.

  2. Mel says:

    I have a GorillaPod, too! Like Chris, though, I should use it more often.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I wish I had a pocket camera – there are times when mine screams, “Tourist”because I can’t hide it away easily.
    Now that I live with my own pond I notice very acutely how weather, specifically rain affects everything, including the nearby farmers. This is the second year the pond will be low because we didn’t have much snow at all this winter. Our little frog pond will dry up by August unless we have a rainy summer. I’m hoping for a hot one, frogs not withstanding.
    Love the otters!

  4. CindyG says:

    That is so amazingly cool that you have an otter.

  5. sparrowgrass says:

    I love otters!! It is always neat to see them.

  6. marylou says:

    Excellent pictures. Maybe I need a gorilla pod for my hawk photos. Image stabilization doesn’t seem to be enough.

  7. cursingmama says:

    So the WI DNR/lake people is as frustrating as the MN DNR/lake people. sorry to hear that actually.

  8. Kym says:

    LOVE the otter pics! Our cottage is on a lake — I rarely see it in iced-over form, though. (Next year, maybe. . . when both kids are in college and I have personal freedom from the academic calendar!). Supposedly, we have otters, too. I’ve never seen one, though.

  9. soxanne says:

    Awesome otter shots!

  10. Cathy-Cate says:

    Great otter shots! I have seen the GorillaPod on line and wondered about it.

  11. Helen says:

    I can’t imagine the fun of being able to see otters…from my PORCH!
    Must. find. new. jobs.!!!
    Of course, simply seeing actual WATER from my porch would be a luxury. There isn’t any REAL water (as in not installed by man (or me) for … well… 100 miles?

  12. Lorette says:

    Very cool photos! We have an otter family in our lake, too, though we don’t see them often. Now I need a Gorilla Pod!

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