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The warmth of knitting.

You have all seen the Belgian natural gas commercial, right? In case there is one of you out there who hasn't, here it is (again): Now for the good part. Helen friended me on Ravelry. When I checked out her … Continue reading

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Once again, the first loon of the season arrives less than 24 hours after ice-out. (Official ice-out was yesterday.) This was the lake on Wednesday evening:

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A couple really fine YouTube videos stolen from found on my SIL's blog.

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Random on Thursday.

This sure beats taking the school bus. Found via * * * * * A little something to confound your Tea Party, Libertarian, and anti-health-care-reform friends: This morning I was awoken by my alarm clock powered by electricity generated … Continue reading

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The eagle has landed.

Tuesday morning I got up early (for me, 8 a.m. is waayyy early) to attend a county committee meeting. On my way there I saw a l-o-n-g V of geese heading north. Spring comes to the Great Frozen Tundra! It … Continue reading

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Another blogger, not a knitblogger although I think she does knit occasionally, linked to Sock Dreams. I saved a bunch of pictures of their socks for future sock inspiration.   That last pair in the larger screen shot look remarkably … Continue reading

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The lake report.

The unseasonably warm weather we had last week is gone, but it is still well above freezing every day. The opening that the aerator kept clear all winter has grown so big I can see it from my deck. Hey, … Continue reading

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The ravages of winter.

Remember my Autumn Leaves scarf? I lost it late last fall; I remember having it when we had our first cool weather, but when it turned really cold I couldn’t find it. Grrr. On Friday our insurance company sent a … Continue reading

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Sunny Saturday.

It was sunny and warm here all week. The temperature even climbed into the 60s (15˚C+) a couple times. Given that the average daily high at this time of year is in the 40s (5˚C+), that is AWESOME. [digression] Definition … Continue reading

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Jumpin’ for the treat.

When Matthew was here a few weeks ago he decided to see how high he could get Lucy to jump for a treat. He went up into the small loft over my office, peanut butter-flavored dog treat in hand. "Hey, … Continue reading

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