Saturday sky and stuff.


That, my friends, is today's Saturday sky as viewed through my OPEN sunroof today. Seeing a blue sky through an open sunroof — in February — may not be a big deal in California or Arizona or Texas or Alabama (I'm looking at you, Yarnhog and Cookie and Squish and Carrie and Elizabeth) but it is cause for great rejoicing here in northern Wisconsin. We still have 100% snow cover (except for roads and sidewalks that have been cleared) but the sun was warm enough today to go parka-less. Yee-haw, yew betcha!

* * * * *

Screen-capture-3 Have you read Driftless by David Rhodes? He is a Wisconsin author, and I heard him speak today in a nearby city as the kick-off event for that community's Big Read.

I had just finished the book last weekend, having followed the recommendation of someone in my book club, then got an email on Tuesday announcing today's author event. Serendipity scores! 

I loved this book. Great story, captivating characters, excellent writing. The further I got in the book the more it became evident to me that this author had thought about things. A lot. It seemed that every other sentence had something in it that demanded me to put the book down and spend the next day mentally chewing on it.

The author published a couple books years ago, then spent the last 20 years on a wheelchair as the result of an accident. He said today that it took him ten years to write Driftless. Yep, he thought a lot.

Anywho, I recommend the book. If you read it, let me know what you think.

IMG_0757 The event today was held at the St. Croix National Scenic River Visitor Center. The visitors center is a beautiful newish building near downtown and right next to the river and surrounded by native plantings.






There was a good turnout for the event.


The author was low-key and friendly.


And, as always, the hand-knits made a good showing.



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0 Responses to Saturday sky and stuff.

  1. Chris says:

    Is he referring to the driftless area on WI/MN?

  2. tammy says:

    Beautiful blue sky and hand knits! Thank you for the book recommendation, it sounds very interesting.

  3. Kitten says:

    Who, me? lol It’s too hot for the sunroof to be open…

  4. Jeanice says:

    Thanks for the book recommendation. I have been on a reading kick lately. I’m always looking for suggestions. I also have been enjoying the beautiful blue sky. It’s here again this morning. Spring is in the air!

  5. Diane says:

    We had the same blue sky and it was a welcome relief. And the cardinals have started singing every morning, a sure sign that the seasons are changing. Thanks for the book recommendation.

  6. k says:

    I LOVE that topless thing! When my Honda was running, I made a point to go out once a month no matter what! with the top off. It took some bundling on occasion, but worth the extra scarf.
    I’m going to look for Driftless. I haven’t found anything that would hold my brain for a long time.

  7. Cookie says:

    Yay for clear blue skies that don’t come with arctic cold!

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