Eye candy Friday.


What a photo! From bbc.com.

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  1. marylou says:

    I was going to say Holy Mackerel, but those look more like sardines!

  2. k says:

    I was going to say NIGHTMARES! But then I was all, “Oh I’m cool, I can recognize puffins.”
    I want to make a cloth puppet/sculpture out of this, but how?…

  3. Kym says:

    Wow! That’s eye-opening!

  4. lisa says:

    That just cracks me up…

  5. Kim says:

    That is so magnificent — thank you for sharing.

  6. Norma says:

    That is A-MAZE-ING!!!!!

  7. Helen says:

    The puffins sure didn’t look like that when we went to see them in Maine! But then again, we didn’t have the uber-zoom lens this was taken with.
    GREAT photo find! thanks!

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