Love your library!

On Friday of the Valentine's Day weekend, our local Friends group hosted a social gathering at the library to publicize the organization and, we hoped, generate new membership.

There was were beverages, both coffee and *adult*.

M, our former librarian, was an enthusiastic bartender.

Chocolate goodies were plentiful — cookies and cake and fudgy bars (referred to here in the Scandinavian Midwest as "barss").




I love that last photo — L, a long-time library volunteer, is camera shy, but she has such a great smile. Let's see it up close:


Near the front door of the library was the "Sign up here! Join the Friends!" table.

C, at right, below, was absolutely phenomenal at enticing people to join, volunteer, and/or donate.

In her other life she is a professional fund-raiser; we are so lucky to have her talents.

There was lots of socializing and laughter.


IMG_0700_2 IMG_0704 


Sign-ups were willing and abundant.

Besides the joining and the volunteering and the promoting of the library, the Friends managed to have a pretty darned good time, too.



 A successful event all around!

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0 Responses to Love your library!

  1. mary lou says:

    I am a Friend of the St. Paul library – I’ve never been offered cake like those!!

  2. Chris says:

    I’m a Friend of the Hennepin County/Minneapolis libraries, plus separately a Friend of Golden Valley Library. The GVL Friends are very clever indeed about getting new members – they have an annual book sale, which is advertised widely. If you are a Friend, you can shop on Friday evening, while the general public has to wait until Saturday. Friday evening saw quite a line to join and get into the sale!!

  3. lisa says:

    Wow… a library with bright open windows!

  4. Cindy says:

    The windows caught my eye, too.
    Looks like a wonderful library and a wonderful event.

  5. It’s hard to tell, but I think our entire library could fit in yours twice over! I love my tiny library, though. My only complaint might be that they don’t do cool stuff like that event. Wow!

  6. soxanne says:

    You obviously live in a great town; not only do they vote for you, they support the library.

  7. Carole says:

    Looks like a great way to have fun at the library!

  8. k says:

    Barrs. My mother was queen of blueberry barrrs. And didn’t leave me the recipe.
    We don’t like the local library as much as our old one. So we drive an hour one way to get to it. And we aren’t odd at that library. It looks (in spirit) like yours, except they’ve never had wine out for the public.

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