Election results. New Year’s resolution.

Primary election results for the District 6 seat on the Polk County Board of Supervisors:


Can I get a w00t? Thank you 🙂

The real election is in April. Now to plan my campaign…

* * * * *

New-years-resolutionsAnd now for something far more interesting to y'all. On Sunday I made a New Year's resolution. 

I am going to knit four (4!) sweaters in 2010.

Just in case you cannot guess, that is a whopper of a resolution for me. The kimono sweater I just finished? Started in November, 2007. It was the first sweater I had knit for myself since… 1980.

What brought this on? You may well ask.

On Saturday and Sunday I bought two 10-skein lots of Noro Silk Garden on eBay with the intention of making a simple pullover modeled on the famous Noro Striped Scarf. I also favorite-d a whole bunch of Noro patterns, as a couple of you already noticed. I'd been thinking about a Noro striped sweater for a long time and decided on impulse to buy the yarn when I saw some that I liked on auction. Afterward I reflected that I had now accumulated the yarn and the plans/patterns for four (4!) sweaters. My next thought, only half formed, was something like, What are you waiting for, an engraved invitation? And bingo! the resolution was made.

Acting on that resolution (and after realizing that the year was already 3/24 gone), Monday night I cast on for Sweater The First:


I am using the Incredible Custom-Fit Raglan pattern from Ravelry, but I will have to do some serious tweaking to make it fit my, er, ample self. Math is not a problem; the real potential problem is to continue to knit at the measured gauge.

The blue-gray yarn is fifteen skeins of Phildar DK 100% wool I bought from Juno a couple-three years ago during her destash; it may or may not be superwash. The yarn for the colored stripes is Valley Yarns Superwash DK, not all of which has made it onto my Ravelry stash page yet.

This plan requires that I not succumb to the siren call of cute small projects like scarves and hats and squares for somebody's afghan. Baby hats for Rwanda and socks for myself will have to be my 2010 take-along knitting; this particular sweater, knit top-down all in one piece, will quickly become too big to stuff into my emergency knitting bag. In fact, I bought the basket in the photo above specifically to hold this sweater project next to my knitting chair.

Yee-haw, I am pumped!

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0 Responses to Election results. New Year’s resolution.

  1. Diane says:

    w00t! I take it the top two go on to the April election?
    You go girl. I’m planning on knitting ONE sweater this year and that will be an accomplishment. I’m just finishing one that I started, I think, 5 years ago.

  2. Chris says:

    Congrats!!! And good luck on the April election and your sweater resolution.

  3. Lorette says:

    Congratulations! Good luck on the sweater resolution!

  4. sparrowgrass says:

    It is very cold here, and I am shivering. (Hint, Hint. One person cannot possible wear 4 sweaters.)
    A rousing WOOT for second place? First runner up? WOOT, anyhow for caring enough to run, and good luck to you!!

  5. cursingmama says:

    Congratulations! It’s hard to stay on top when everyone is feeling the budget cuts.

  6. Yarnhog says:

    Hah! I knew it!
    And…woot! (Ya gotta be able to whip the butt of a guy named “Lester”, right?) 😉

  7. Kym says:

    Oh, you can so do this! Just put your iPod headphones firmly in your ears to block out the screams of the enticing quick-little-accessories. Just for 21/24 of the year! 🙂

  8. Helen says:

    I’ve got a whoop and a yee haw… just for you!

  9. Ryan says:

    Hallelujah! And a woot! And maybe a little jig.

  10. soxanne says:

    I like your approach – buy the yarn and then make a resolution.
    Perhaps I should start purchasing yarn in preparation for 2011 resolutions…

  11. Bullwinkle says:

    Wow. Excellent resolution. There’s so much there I could say about me (a) I haven’t knit a sweater for me since the mid-90’s. b) I’ve been thinking of the incredible custom fit raglan. and c)I’m so much lured by the siren call of cute small projects but sometimes that is my only knitting time.
    I may join you in this first sweater. I’ve got to get over the UFO problem, sometime. (Note use of word “may”. I am, as yet, uncommitted. But I like the idea. If you don’t mind?)

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