Random Friday.

I found myself thinking in bullet points on Thursday afternoon, which led me to this post. Of course, once I started typing, the individual bullet points got longer. As #1 Son says of himself, I can't even say hello in 25 words.

* * * * *

Remember this delightful carved wooden shawl pin that I am using to close my kimono sweater?

IMG_0666 IMG_0667 

As I was putting the pin into place yesterday, I suddenly realized that the corkscrew-shaped end would enable me to screw in the pin, thusly:


…which means the pin Stays.In.Place. That was a bit of a problem the first few times I wore the sweater.

Damn, I'm good…

* * * * *

(Oops. I seem to have forgotten the other bullet points. Hmmm…)

* * * * *

(Oh, yeah.)

* * * * *

Smokey and I are going to enjoy a free night at the local casino hotel on Thursday night, which is TONIGHT as I type this but will be LAST NIGHT as you read it. Got that? Not that it matters.

I have three four small knitting projects that I will bring to work on tonight/last night while The Bear is happily dropping his quarters into the slots.

1. Second pair of colorful socks.                                   B. Chemo hat.
IMG_0669 IMG_0672 

iii. Second cuff.                                                              IV. Medical mittens. (IV = medical, get it?)
IMG_0673 IMG_0671 

1. Coming along nicely. These are my fall-back knitting right now; completely mindless and satisfying. ETA: just tried on the first foot — it fits perfectly! Unlike the first pair of colorful socks, both of which turned out to be about 1/2" too long despite my careful plotting.

B. By request for an internet friend for her friend who is going through cancer treatment for the third time but the first time with chemo. Friend, very dignified, is more worried about losing her hair than the cancer. Chemo hat to the rescue!

iii. You haven't seen these. I have a 10-year-old fleece gray and white pullover that I love, but the cheap white knit acrylic cuffs are falling apart. These replacements will give the pullover a new lease on life.

IV. Yeah, these were supposed to be for Christmas for #1 Son. But when he told me he no longer has time to go running and hence has no particular need for them, I sort of lost interest. Then I got to a slightly more difficult part of the pattern and had screwed it up and was going to have to tink back a couple rows and needed to reprint the pattern but my toner cartridge was empty and I didn't have another and beside the dog ate my homework and the cat threw up on it. New toner cartridge now installed, pattern reprinted, and it's time to finish these suckers. Plus they are occupying my #0 and #1 circs, which I might need again someday.

I predict that numbers B. and iii. will be done by the time I come home tomorrow/today, the socks will have grown a bit, and the mittens will still languish.

Digression: I tweaked the color in the photos to correct the yarn color. Notice how different the color of the chair pad is in the different photos. Also: the blue in the socks and the mittens is NOT the semi-fluorescent blue it appears to be in the photos. I Could Not Make The Blue Behave.

* * * * *

If you are unable to shower, say, if you are camping in a place without showers or are running very very late for an appointment, acne pads — the ones with salicylic acid — work pretty well to swab out the stinky bits. We keep the generic ones from Wal Mart on hand; they have 7% sal acid, which is pretty strong.

You're welcome ;^)

* * * * *

I had another run-in with Da Yeep last Friday. Smokey had used it the day before to plow three driveways, charging around in 4WD. When I drove — very carefully — to the next little town and back, the brace holding up the plow lost its hold-it-together thingie (technical term) and the plow dropped to the road surface. If I had tried to drive it like that I would have broken the plow. Smokey was in Minneapolis, his cell phone was off, and his other phone (internet phone) was not set up to ring in the room where he was sleeping after his double shift. I did get hold of Lennie The Wonder Mechanic, who sent one of his guys with a wrecker to lift the plow blade and chain it up so I could get the vehicle home.

Smokey drives Da Yeep with reckless abandon, even as far as to Minneapolis and back, and never has a problem. I drive it five miles and end up stranded or some such. I'm cursed, I tell ya…

* * * * *

SkewBEAUTY Have you seen these socks, just added to the latest issue of knitty.com? I was completely smitten at first sight. Even though I generally prefer mindless knitting, these might just be worth the effort. As soon as I finish the second pair of colorful socks and free up the #0 and #1 needles from the medical mittens, I plan to make these. Stay tuned. There are sure to be some, er, colorful metaphors flying around.

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0 Responses to Random Friday.

  1. Mel says:

    Those socks are pretty out there. I may have to make myself a pair, though I can see the pattern needing a bit of adapting to fit my men’s size 13 feet.

  2. I saw those socks yesterday and am racing to finish current sock so I can start these! But Knitting Olympics starts tonight so I’ll have to wait until that’s done. I’m making the Owls sweater for the olympics. Are you playing?

  3. Chris says:

    Those socks are really cool… Hmm.

  4. Claire Piper says:

    The look interesting, but I wonder how they will fit and whether they “move” with wear. There are some strange results with bias knit socks

  5. Cookie says:

    You really have been busy, haven’t you?
    I feel like such a slacker.

  6. Diane says:

    Hope you enjoyed your casino trip. Those socks are wild, a real departure from my plain old 4 x 2 rib. I think I’m getting adventurous when I add a picot edging.

  7. Erika says:

    Acne pads, interesting! I keep a packet of baby wipes around for that purpose. (The “my power’s been out for three days and I have no running water” purpose.)
    I had not seen that sock. Mind: blown.

  8. soxanne says:

    I was just looking at those socks – I think I’ll cast on a pair as soon as my cast is off…

  9. Kym says:

    Wow! Now that’s an info-packed post if I ever read one! Acne pads, huh? I might just have to add some to my gym bag!

  10. Helen says:

    I’m equally smitten by those socks!
    I refuse to start a second pair til I get the current socks (supposed to be gifts) off the needles…. but as soon as they’re off… THOSE are going on my needles.
    (Unless I cave to temptation.

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