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Linkety and stuff.

Great moments in figure skating. Celebrities and their cats. * * * * * Photo on the wall at the author event on Saturday:   I knew it looked familiar. Not the same, but eerily similar. Edouard Manet, Le Dejeuner … Continue reading

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Saturday sky and stuff.

That, my friends, is today's Saturday sky as viewed through my OPEN sunroof today. Seeing a blue sky through an open sunroof — in February — may not be a big deal in California or Arizona or Texas or Alabama … Continue reading

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Eye candy Friday.

What a photo! From

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We go bargain hunting.

On Monday Smokey had an appointment at the VA clinic in Rice Lake, a smallish city (pop. 8,320) about 40 miles from here. (If the name sounds familiar it is because of the news story several years ago about the … Continue reading

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Trapped behind bars!

We are trapped in a prison made of icy bars. Might be able to squeeze of one of these windows… Not these, though:     Ice dams? We gotcher ice dams right here. I am thinking fondly — no, make … Continue reading

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The entire Olympic team, equipment and all.

Okay, I'm gonna go all snarky on you today. I try not to do that because y'all could certainly find lots to make fun of about me. But the temptation is just too strong. This weekend Smokey got the TV … Continue reading

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Linkety, fortune cookies, and knitting.

Essentials to include in your survival kit: not what you might think. Every one of us would, of course, include yarn and needles in our survival kit. * * * * * What to do with excess yarn: make a … Continue reading

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Love your library!

On Friday of the Valentine's Day weekend, our local Friends group hosted a social gathering at the library to publicize the organization and, we hoped, generate new membership. There was were beverages, both coffee and *adult*. M, our former librarian, … Continue reading

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Saturday sky.

This frigid image brought to you in consideration of the fact that you may be as bummed as I am by Cookie's and Squish's images of warmth and sunlight and buddin' and bloomin' trees. The above is the first ice … Continue reading

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The evidence is unmistakeable.

Smokey made himself a sandwich when he got home from work this morning. He ate most of it, then set it on the dining room table while he did something else for a minute. When he came back he found … Continue reading

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