Eye candy Friday.

DSCF1131 DSCF1132

Smokey brought me a pot of daffodils last weekend. Love that guy!

* * * * *

I thought y'all should know, if you don't already, one of the joys of photo editing software. Mine is iPhoto, which came installed on my Mac Mini.

Photo from yesterday's post:DSCF1126_2

Original, cropped as above but before further editing:



Easier to edit away the snarf than to, actually, you know, clean…

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0 Responses to Eye candy Friday.

  1. soxanne says:

    this is one of the reasons that i love you!

  2. Diane says:

    Of course it is. Don’t you wish there was editing software for our houses? I’d clone some extra electrical outlets where we forgot to do them, change the paint color in one of the rooms and build some cat-friendly shelves in the bedroom. When I’m tired of it, pffft, go back to the original.

  3. Chris says:

    Heh, I do that with FxFoto all the time. (“WTF is that on the floor?!” or “This picture would look a lot better without my dirty socks in the corner.”)

  4. Jen says:

    LOL! I edit the dog hair out of my photos rather than pick it out strand by strand.

  5. Ryan says:

    If I ever start to wonder if there is a God, I just remember the cropping function of my two free photo-editing softwares, Photoscape and Picasa. Oh, the multitude of sins that function has helped me hide. Plus, Photoscape has all sorts of spiffy frames that you can add with a click of a button. Jiggity!
    Fun post!

  6. k says:

    And that is why I would say digital sucks, except for the, you know, cleaning… Ah, the joy that is photoshop.

  7. Kym says:

    Cleaning is overrated. I just can’t say that enough. And the daffodils? Oh, my. Such a pleasure to see!

  8. lisa says:

    Would that all of cleaning was that easy!!

  9. =Tamar says:

    Cleaning…clea-ning… nope, can’t place it. Something to do with Paul Klee?

  10. Vicki says:


  11. gayle says:

    Editing as opposed to cleaning? Wise choice. So much more dignified…

  12. Lucia says:

    I am so glad I’m not the only one who does this.

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