From the bottom:

  • Delft blue and brown
  • Delft blue and lime
  • Delft blue and orange
  • Delft blue and lime
  • Delft blue and orange
  • Delft blue with orange, lime, and hot pink (using up the leftover bits)

It is not only that Erika's foray into dishcloth territory (that link takes to you to her first dishcloth post last month; there are ten more since then) inspired me but also that #1 Son remarked, on the way to the airport last Sunday, that he had forgotten to grab a handful of dishcloths out of the kitchen drawer when he was packing. Apparently the kitchen in his dorm suite lacks sufficient dishcloths.

Once more, instead of knitting for mememe, I am knitting for someone else. At least it is just six dishcloths, not a king-sized afghan.

Unlike Erika, I did not twist my yarns at each color change.


Her twisting method made a nice barber pole effect; mine makes a plain and simple edge.

I did do a slip-stitch edge at the other side of the dishcloth, though.


Now that the six dishcloths are done, I think the barber pole edge would complement the slip-stitch edge; alternatively (conversely? obversely? contrarily?) my simple color changes would go well with her simple garter edge. Oh, the complexity of dishcloth knitting! It maketh my poor head spin!

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0 Responses to Technicolor…

  1. soxanne says:

    I have never knit a dishcloth but these are so cheery I might just have to look into it…

  2. Punkin says:

    I like ’em. Nice color choices. I have been needing to knit some dishcloths.

  3. Cindy says:

    Nice and bright! In the winter I find myself positively craving color.

  4. Chris says:

    They are pretty, but mayhap you are overthinking it a titch. Or you need to start knitting vortex dishcloths instead:

  5. Cookie says:

    Those are lovely. Will you mail them off? Or make him come get them? ;^)

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