Knitting can be dastardly.


Camouflage knitting.

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Sometimes the link photo refuses to yield a title.


It’s our own fault. via

#Paintback transforms swastika graffiti.

Her guardian angel gave it to her.

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3 on Thursday, 1/18/18.


Smokey had a VA appointment in Minneapolis today so I went along. Usually when we make this trip we have dinner with Younger Son, but he had other plans so we just came back home afterward. Three things I would have done if I had stayed home today.

  1. Type up the 2018 reading schedule for my book group and email it out. I am the designated scrivener of the group. We always set the reading list at the beginning of the year.
  2. Catch up on my email. Organize the materials left from the campaign. Find out what to do with the yard signs after we pick them on on Friday. (Yeah, that’s 3 things right there. So sue me.)
  3. Watch Jeopardy. The current champ is a sweetheart.
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Unraveled Wednesday, 1/17/18.


Joining Kat and friends for Unraveling.

I am finding the Stitch hat to be impossibly much more difficult challenging than I expected. I mean, how could a hat on US#0s that has both intarsia and stranded colorwork be impossible so freakin’ hard challenging?

Yeah, I totally mis-called that one.

Every time I sit myself down to work on the hat, Self rebels against it, and I pick up something else. So far I have completed the half-inch of ribbing and about three rows of the the hat body in the past month. Yeah, that kind of progress was definitely gonna get that hat finished in time for Christmas.

Remember all that ambitious nonsense about dying the yarn to get the exact colors of the cartoon character? It didn’t happen. While putting away numerous balls of yarn strewn about my craft/laundry room after finishing the mitered square afghan, I realized that I already have all the colors I need. What really triggered it was seeing many images of Stitch where the colors were slightly varied in tone and saturation. White, lavender, and three shades of blue, yes; but not always the exact ones. I had yarns in my stash that reasonably duplicated the appropriate colors; no need for dyeing. That was a load off my plate.

* * * * *


I did a little visible mending on Ser Percy’s sweater where his lethal toenails had ripped it. (Terrible iPhone photo taken under artificial light: a primer on how NOT to take a photo.)

* * * * *


When a project — the Stitch hat, for example — isn’t going well, what does the frustrated knitter do? She casts on another hat, of course. This one is actually almost done. I am double-stranding four different colorways of Knit Picks Felici, and the cast-on was some unidentifiable solid purple sock yarn. I plan to work the last half-inch or so in that same purple.

* * * * *

Edited to add: The anti-tRump wave continues! Our Dem candidate won in a special election yesterday for our state Senate seat. ::fist pump::

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Yves the cat.

This is a cat unlike any cat I have ever been owned by or encountered.
He just sits there, unperturbed, watching with bored interest whatever his assistant (sometimes referred to, erroneously, as “owner”) does to him. A commenter once asked how the assistant got him to sit so still. Assistant replied, “I don’t do anything. It’s just what he does.”

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Knittin’ the mitten.


Paint drip scarf.

Lawyers take up knitting.

Gone fishin’.

Want a bird on your lapel?

Tidy edges on your knitting: a tutorial.

Discuss in the comments.

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Sunday giggles, or, The problem of male dogs.

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Magical golden links.

chain yellow link cgi.jpg

As a person who worked in the financial service industry — not to mention a 1970s-era hippy — I found this fascinating.

On the other hand, I found this disturbing.

A map of pop music artists’ popularity across the US. 

Links from Chris and Chaos.

Penguin falls down.

They look like ants. Busy, busy ants.

Words to live by.

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Things that make me say Hmm, part 3.

We saw a sign for a pancake breakfast sponsored by the local Lions club. Smokey remarked that it would be more appropriate for them to serve steak. Raw. I one-upped him by pointing out that zebra steaks would be even more suitable for the Lions.

* * * * *

Other witticisms: after seeing yet another Geico commercial, Smokey wondered aloud how they pay the gecko. I said, “Scale,” and he erupted in laughter. Sadly, I did not realize my reply was a pun.

* * * * *

A friend gave her 7-yo grandson a cat for Christmas. G’son named it Cuddle Cakes. (I don’t say Hmm at this one; I say Right on! and Yay, kittehs! and LOL at the name. Best name EVAH for a kitteh.)

* * * * *

I just unfriended two people on Facebook, not because of their outrageous political views, but because they died in 2017. I fear that this may constitute a new annual tradition for me.

* * * * *

Smokey suggested that, instead of Thelma and Louise (or Red Team and Blue Team), we could have named them Huey and Bobby, in honor of Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, founders of the Black Panthers. Presumably his suggestion was inspired by me occasionally referring to Louise as Panther Princess. (Yes, Chris, I stole that from you and Mayhem.)

* * * * *

Smokey is not a meeting person at all, but he consents to attend the monthly Dems meetings with me. What makes it worse is that I am co-chair this year and will be running some meetings; I need to develop the skill to keep a meeting moving along. After this month’s meeting I joked that he needed that novelty pen he had years ago with the thingie that floated back and forth in the liquid-filled barrel. By the next morning he had bought these on eBay:


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Short row hat.

A number of youse guys were quite intrigued by the short row hat in my previous post. Giving credit where credit is due, all kudos go to Nick Davis of mousearmymittenco. I totally riffed off his child’s hat, designed for children who cannot keep their hat out of their eyes.

Go give Nick some love, say by buying one of his patterns!

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