Fiber Monday!

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Ranty Sunday.

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Links to anchor yourself with.

The six-month wall in every ordeal.

He’s got my vote.

Anyone else used to watch Leverage?

New ad from The Lincoln Project.

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Furry Friday, 10/16/20.

Technicolor squirrels.

Dolphins and sloths, oh my!

The cat tried to foil the effort to no avail.

Cat or dog person?

Sleepy owl.


“It is that most dangerous of creatures: a clever sheep!”

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Unraveled Wednesday, 10/14/20.

Joining Kat and friends to talk about knitting and books.


Fatigue has driven me to my bed at 4:00pm every day for over a week. A short lie-down or even a nap has enabled me to be awake for dinner and maybe a couple hours afterward. Now I hit the bed shortly after dinner. I have been too tired to knit in the evenings for all that time, so that second BSJ has languished. But being too tired to knit has translated into rather a lot of reading, so there is that.


Waiting by Ha Jin. This one has been on my bookshelf since ::counts on fingers:: the Jurassic Age. When I finished the last library book and didn’t have any more, I perused my shelves and chose this. It is about a man in China before, during and after the Cultural Revolution. (Sorry, I am fuzzy on the dates.) He is married to a woman in his village, but left years ago to become a doctor. It was an arranged marriage, and he has never loved his wife. Every year he returns to his village to try — unsuccessfully — to get her to agree to a divorce. He has new love, a nurse at his hospital, and they are waiting to marry until he can get the desired divorce. This goes on for nearly 20 years, hence, the book’s title. Of course, when he does get the divorce, his life with his new wife is not as wonderful as he had anticipated. The book was interesting mainly because of the alien culture it described. 3★

Educated by Tara Westover. I read this a year or so ago, but my book group picked it for our next read, so I re-read it. It is the memoir of a woman raised in a violently survivalist Mormon family in rural Idaho; the father is the dictatorial patriarch, mother is an acquiescent midwife and herbalist, brothers are alternately verbally and physically abusive (although not sexually). The author eventually rebels and escapes, but returns over and over in an attempt at peacemaking. Fascinating. 5★

The Library Book by Susan Orlean. Found this in my Kindle app. It is a book about libraries, their history, and their place in our lives centered on the horrific 1986 fire in the Los Angeles Central Library. As a library lover, I found this book very interesting; if you are a library patron this book is for you. 4★

On Looking: Eleven Walks with Expert Eyes. by Alexandra Horowitz. I had to return this one to the library before I finished it. My plan was to read one chapter a night, but I started too late and was not faithful. The author takes walks around her New York City neighborhood with various experts — an architect, an artist — who open her eyes to things she has seen but not observed. I wish I could have finished it. 3★

Still listening to How to be an Anti-Racist by Ibrim X. Kendi. I am finding this one more enlightening and educational than Between the World and Me, even as good as the latter one was.

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I am versatile. I can rant on a Monday, too.

Election Day is actually Tuesday, October 20.

Wear your dang mask.

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How many days until the election?

I must remind myself of this whenever Smokey forgets something I told him 15 seconds ago.

This is one of the sweetest things you will ever see.

It’s not exactly the cancer vs. polio trope, but it is close.

Margaret and Helen, at it again.

The trump tax thing, explained.

The New England Journal of Medicine and Scientific American have condemned trump.

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Furry Friday.

A startled ferret.

Fine, I’ll just keep sleeping then.

Sea slug Saturday Friday.

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If it is Thursday, I may just rant for awhile.

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Unraveled Wednesday, 10/7/20.

Joining Kat and friends to talk about knitting and reading.


I wimped out on my afghan marathon and cast on another Baby Surprise Jacket. My excuse is that a friend wanted to knit one, and I was pretty sure she would not be able to follow EZ’s rather idiosyncratic instructions. I know I had a fair bit of trouble and ended up finding another set of instructions. For my friend, I typed up a more explicit pattern with stitch counts every other row. But since it was a couple months since I finished the second BSJ, I wasn’t sure they were fully accurate. Solution? Cast on a third BSJ.


I am marching my way through the Ruth Galloway series of mysteries by Elly Griffiths and enjoying them a lot. Ruth is an anthropology professor who occasionally works with the police to identify and date bones that are found. She unmarried, 40-ish, and a few pounds too heavy; she is also a single mother after a one-night stand in the first (second?) book. The characters are interesting and develop over the course of the series. The latest ones I read were The Outcast Dead, The Ghost Fields, The Woman in Blue, and The Chalk Pit; sadly, only three to go. 4★

When I finished The Chalk Pit, I was out of library books, so I dove into my Kindle books. Disloyal: The True Story of the Former Personal Attorney to Donald J. Trump by Michael Cohen was the choice. The writing is decent and readable, and the book gives the reader a look into the disordered mind of our president. Cohen repeatedly states how blindly ambitious he was himself and how he totally lost any moral compass he had; that gets a bit tiresome, but it is so, so true. I found this book better than any of the other tell-all books by various tRump cronies. They all were told as though looking in from the outside of the president’s mind, whereas this one opened up that mind for scrutiny. If you want to know what goes on behind that orange face and ridiculous hair, this is the book for you. 4★

The Fifth Seed is the one I started, and I desperately want to finish it because the writing is so bad. The only reason that I am still reading it is that it is a bit of a cliff-hanger and I want to know how it turns out. Looking back in my reading list it turns out I started it back in 2018 but didn’t finish; I guess that is why I don’t remember the ending. 1★

Whilst browsing in the Kindle app I happened up The Last Mrs. Parrish, which I had apparently started but not finished. So I finished it. The plot revolves around the wife and would-be wife of a sociopathic real estate mogul. Improbably but entertaining. 3★


I neglected to tell you about at least one audiobook I listened to this summer: The Martian by Andy Weir. It was entertaining in a sci-fi kind of way. I highly recommend it to anyone who is a DIY fanatic; roughly 98% of the book was about how the main character, stranded on Mars, cobbles together everything he needs to stay alive there for a year and a half. One thing he does have is a sense of humor, which in my opinion is the thing that kept sane. 3★

Between the World and Me by Ta-Nihisi Coates. Excellent, and required reading/listening for we White folks. 5★

Right now I am halfway through How to Be an Antiracist by Ibrim X. Kendi. Another excellent read, and one that is educating me. 5★

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