Good news Tuesday, 6/6/23.

Charge your car while driving on this road.

Mosquito-proof fabric FTW!

You will have to click to watch the video.

Life hacks for food storage. Caution: I have not tried any of these. I do know that washing fresh blueberries or strawberries in a mild vinegar solution keeps them from molding for at least a week.

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Fiber Monday: it’s a contest!

I went through all my photos and selected 30 to use here.

The challenge is for you to identify where the photo was taken, the occasion, and/or the people pictured. Some of these pictures have appeared on the blog, some have not. More points will be awarded the more correct information you provide. Points will be awarded purely on my judgement, and the decision of the judge is final. (I may arbitrarily award extra points if you make me laugh.)

You may post your answers in the comments if you want, or you may email them to me at (And be sure to label your answer with the number of the picture you are referring to.) Whoever gets the highest score will win their choice of the yarny items pictured at the end. Deadline is midnight CDT on Saturday, June 10, and the winner (and answers) will be announced on Monday, June 12. Have fun!

10a and 10b are the same location on different days.


Location/date only; I don’t even know who this person was.

NOT in the same location; 800-1000 miles apart.



And now, the prizes!

First is a kit to knit Stephen West’s Spectra and includes the two yarns pictured (Noro Silk Garden Sock on the left, Universal Uni Merino on the right) plus the pattern.

This is an example of Spectra I found on Ravelry. Yours will of course be different colors.

The other prize is your choice of any two (2) skeins of this Misti Alpaca Pima Silk Hand Paint.


Have fun

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Furry Friday, 6/2/23.

Baby giraffe takes its first steps.

You think you are the coolest guy in the parking lot, and this this crew shows up.

Another vicious pit bull.

I think the squirrel is doing it for fun!
For non-Star Trek fans, Mr Data’s orange tabby cat was named Spot.
Smokey named one of our black cats Spot in honor of Data’s cat.
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Let’s rant like we did last summer, (baby) 6/1/23.

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Good news Tuesday (ahem), 5/30/23.

The “ahem” is because WordPress are this post, including all the images I had inserted. This is the first time WP has done anything so evil. Grrr.

Humans are weird. HT to Chris.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Instead of good news of the world, I shall show you good news of how I spent part of Memorial Day afternoon.

It was a beautiful day. One that a Twin Cities TV station would label a Top Ten Weather Day.
So I took myself, my knitting, and my audiobook out onto the deck for the first “knitting on the deck” day. As you can see, my hat binge has not let go yet.

But I was not alone on the deck. Oh, no, I had friends to keep me company.

Not sure why Milady chose to lie in the sun. She is the dog that lies happily for hours on the snow and ice in winter.
Misha is always happy, even when squinting into the sun,
And of course, Percy the pit bull. While the other two lay at the far end of the deck, he stayed close to me. It’s what pit bulls do. If you have a pittie, personal space is a thing of the past. Plus he is always cold, so lying in the sun was a natural for him.
I was not the only one enjoying the beautiful day.
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Fiber Monday, 5/29/23.

For a somewhat more contemporary contest, click here.
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My hard drive is full of stuff for you.

Heaven’s receptionist. On TikTok you can click the down arrow to see more.
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Tina Turner enters heaven.


As you can imagine so many requests asking if the queen arrived safely. She did. And baby she ARRIVED. #tina #tinaturner

♬ Tina Turner Live in Netherlands 2009 – Jess Lynn
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Furry Friday, 5/26/23.

America’s most spoiled dogs.

How to train a cat.

Got bears?

Brad screams all day. Unfair!

Ship’s dog.


I could do one of these everyday and it never get old! 🥹 wraps are from: @Beluga Baby

♬ Monkeyshine-JP – Lt FitzGibbons Men

a GIANT thanks to the incredibly skilled & gentle @Iusedtobeaseed for doing the ABSOLUTE MOST

♬ original sound – Useless Farm
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A wee rant (or three), 5/25/23.

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