A few more CA photos.


I sent this one to a couple master gardener friends. “In California, they grow hedges of… geraniums.”


In other hedge-related news, I wish boxwood were hardy where I live. It makes such a tidy border/hedge/foundation planting/whatever.


How did I get such a clear photo of Univision HG from a moving car? you ask. Blame LA freeway traffic. It doesn’t move at nearly the speed of light.


Observed at the rental car check-in desk. It is the world champion comb-over.


Aaannndddd… this is what we came home to. Snow, lake partially frozen over. Since I took this photo last Friday, we have  gotten several more inches of snow. I like winter, but I was not ready for it quite this early.

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I’m back! Knitting link.




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A tribute to veterans.


The best tribute to veterans I have ever read, by a community college instructor.

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Jeopardy update.

This was me on Tuesday, representing for our Congressional candidate. Sadly, she didn’t win, but with Tony Evers as WI governor the gerrymandered district may well go Dem in 2022.

On the way to the airport on Tuesday. Smokey, in the back seat, pulled out a *clump* of dog hair from between the seat cushions.

Weather in Mpls. It was 60° when we landed in LA.

Watch for this person on Jeopardy on Thursday, December 27th. Note the cowl. Handknits forever!

Handknit socks for luck!

Waiting in the hotel lobby for the shuttle to Sony Picture Studios, which site used to be MGM back in the day.

Keeping calm and relaxed.

Are you sure we are in the right place? That is another contestant at right. She is a neuroscientist from Bethesda.

Security. Not nearly as strenuous as at the airport, but equally thorough.

Taking Elder Son to the airport Tuesday evening through some delightful LA freeway traffic. We prefer WI.

So, you say. Where are the photos of your big day, Kat?

Tragically, photographs were strictly prohibited once we entered the green room (actually beige, if you are interested). We were also sternly instructed to turn off our cell phones, although I saw at least one contestant surreptitiously checking his phone at lunch.

In the studio a rumor spread that Jeff Sessions had been fired, and a short time later Alex* announced the news. After that I began to miss my phone, but I had left it in my suitcase to avoid temptation.

I had to sign a blood oath that I would not reveal the outcome of my match, so you will just have wait until it airs.

Thursday, December 27!

* Alex and I are on a first name basis now.

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A few IGs (from CA).

Clearly, these were from before Tuesday’s election results were tabulated, but they were too good not to share.

We are still in LA, but roughly 35 miles from the mass shooting in Thousand Oaks. We decided that was absolutely as close as we ever wanted to be.

Jeopardy update tomorrow.

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Blue tsunami today (fingers crossed)!


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Imma just keep puttin’ these out there.


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Here’s some encouragement.


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Election Day!

Posting this today in hopes of it coming true… 

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Happy Halloween [links]!


Truly terrifying pumpkins.

Halloween 2017.

Zoo animals celebrate Halloween.

It’s hard to argue with perfection.

All-purpose costumes.


Rural Halloween.

Ghostly dogs.jpg

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