Go, Link!

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Only slightly exaggerated. via martinimade.com

Passive aggressive passerine.

Smashing the patriarchy.

Wait. What?

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Simple, simple.

knit aqua garter

Pets are people, too. Finished.

Knitting under the influence.


Purl this!

It’s witchcraft.


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Link in color.

hyperlink green blue

Twitter thread.

It is a little-known fact that…

Want to know why we need social justice in science? Warning: it’s a l-o-n-g Twitter thread, but I found it v. interesting.

Why we admire Canadians.


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No links today. Just pictures.


gak big sweater.jpg

good grief.jpg

clean or knit.jpg


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Helixes, schmelixes; these are links.



Around the world.

McDonalds [finally] ditches foam containers.

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Eagle on lake.jpg

A very long-distance photo of an immature bald eagle thinking about taking a drink — or perhaps catching a fish — on our lake last week. Open water courtesy of the aeration system.


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Unraveled Wednesday 2/28/18.

Really, really unraveled.

Remember that post a few days ago when I was all giddy about ordering yarn for a Carbeth? Yeah, the best laid plans, yadda, yadda.

I went to the doctor on Monday to have my shoulder checked out. I had fallen, way back on February 2, 3-1/2 weeks ago, on my way to a campaign launch party. Walking through the entryway on my way to the garage, I don’t need to turn on the light, I know how to get to the garage, lah di dah, BAM! Tripped over Smokey’s toolbox.

I was the person designated to collect campaign contributions at the launch, plus I really wanted to be there, plus I had already loaded a platter of brownies and another of lemon bars into the car, so I didn’t feel like staying home was an option. Picked myself up (with extreme difficulty) and drove to the venue. Happily, it was <10 minutes from my house. Unhappily, I couldn’t manage to buckle my seatbelt, but I made it there and back safely (and collected lots of $$ for campaign, yay!)

Fast forward three weeks to last Friday.

I had done something or other the day before that seemed to have irritated the shoulder, and I was in distinct pain as opposed to the nagging, merely annoying pain I had felt for the past couple weeks. So I made an appointment for Monday.

Monday: I am sitting in the exam room while the doc studies my x-rays on the computer screen next to me. Suddenly he chuckles and says, “You little stinker! You fractured your shoulder! You have been trying to heal it on your own for three weeks!”

Doctors are kinda casual here in the Great Frozen North.

Anyhow, my right arm is in a sling and I have an appointment in 4 weeks to have it re-x-rayed to be sure the healing is progressing as it should. The sling is mainly to remind me not to move my upper arm; the doc said that if it were practical he would just duct-tape the upper arm to my body so I couldn’t use it, but he would settle for me wearing the sling. (See doctors/casual/GreatFrozenNorth, above.)

His main advice was that if it hurt to do something, Do.Not.Do.It.* I had been knitting as usual ever since the fall, but it hurt a little and I had to take frequent breaks. Thus, (probably) (tragically) no Carbeth in my immediate future. Even though the yarn shipped yesterday and will probably arrive on Friday.



* As you can see, typing and mousing do not hurt. Thank FSM for small favors.


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Daily chuckle.

Montaigne sheep.jpg

From Michael Perry’s latest book.

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O, what a tangled web skein we weave detangle.


How not to get Dorito dust on your knitting.

Is this a great scarf or what?

Yarn storage.


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Because I am nothing if not late to the party.

Have you seen all the Carbeths on Instagram and Ravelry and on blogs?

Many are a solid (or solid tweed) color.


Others are a bit more colorful.


Even pets get into the Carbeth act.


I have resisted this KAL for several reasons:

  • I don’t need another sweater.
  • I already have too many projects OTN.
  • A sweater of double-stranded worsted weight yarn would be way too warm for me.
  • It would require buying yarn, something I have sworn not to do until I have knitted down my stash a lot more than I have to date.
  • I am having some trouble knitting with this sore shoulder (more on that another day).


That being said, today I ordered the yarn to make a Carbeth.

Earlier last week I remembered Berroco Vintage worsted — only 40% wool, so perhaps I would be able to wear the sweater all winter, not just on days when the high temp is -30˚F. I have used that yarn before and liked it. Over at Webs, I picked out a lovely heathery green and put 10 skeins* into my cart.

Berroco vintage green

I don’t have a green sweater, and I need a green sweater. And I love this green. So there.

But I emptied my cart and swore to myself and the world that I was not going to Bang Our A Carbeth. Nope, not me. Not happening. See list above.

Then I remembered the lovely effect one gets by double-stranding two barely different colors of yarn. Hmmm. Back to yarn.com.

I pondered over a number of possible combinations.

Nope, I recently bought a couple blue sweaters. No need to knit another.


Oooh, these would make a lovely, subtle, neutral combination. But Webs has only 1 skein of the one on the left. Darn.


Nice, but do I want to knit an entire sweater out of dark yarn? My LED lamp makes it easier, but… Besides, I recently bought a dark blue cardigan. No need to knit another dark blue sweater, no matter how tempting the colors.


Oh, boy, this one is sooo tempting. I have been thinking that I might need a purple sweater, and these two would make such a nice combination. Hmmm


Back to the green. Yep, that’s the one.


So I ordered the two green yarns. And an hour later, after looking at the Carbeths with colored edgings, I went back to Webs and ordered a skein of Sage for a contrast edging on the cuffs and ribbing.


Okay, now I am really done ordering yarn. Yep. Fer sure


* This may be more than I actually need, but I want to lengthen the sweater — cropped would look ridiculous on me — and I don’t want to run out.

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