Icy links.

Strange manicure.

It’s raining whale blubber.

Draw on foil with white board markers, then submerge it in water.

Good news!

Performance takes [perfect!] timing. Somewhat related.

Got an Instant Pot? You need this.

Godspeed, Austin Smith! You are doing righteous work!

I love Waffle House (except for the scrambled eggs I had to send back to the kitchen twice because there was hair in them).

Way too pretty to eat.

Something Republicans should read about.

I was in my 20s before I realized that celery didn’t just magically appear in the grocery store; someone had grown it.

Wait for it…

Who may get the coronavirus vaccine first, next, and so on.

Run the dishwasher twice.

The Princess Bride and covid.

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Furry and feathery Friday.

“Loved it. Couldn’t wear it.”

Talent you have never seen before.

I’m gonna go with choice #1.

Where cats came from.

A donkey’s first steps.

Dog tag gallery.

Owl sneeze.

Renegade turkey in Oakland.

“It’s all fun and games until the cat yaks under there.”

Playing fetch with a beluga whale.

Why did the squirrel/porcupine/fox/deer/moose cross the road?

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Knit your turkey.

This turkey is having none of your Thanksgiving nonsense.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving, however you are celebrating!

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Unraveled Wednesday, 11/25/20.

Joining Kat and friends on Unraveled Wednesday.


Knitting is supposed to be fun. But since I decided to finish the two afghans, in progress since 2015, my knitting has ground slowly to a stop. Making the latest BSJ revived it somewhat, but it lost its appeal as soon as I started on the I-cord bindoff, simply because it is so slow.

New resolution: pack [at least one] of the afghans away for awhile and instead, start a fun project. Those two skeins of fingering weight that are so pretty are destined for a Hitchhiker, which should restart my engines.

But first I must finish the BSJ. It is soooo close to being done.


The Greenlanders has fallen by the wayside. I picked up eight (8!) books I had ordered from the library, so I am marching through those with glee.

A Time for Mercy by John Grisham. Grisham has redeemed himself in my mind with his last two books. The couple before that were dreary and dull. This one is up to standard. The plot involves a 16-year-old boy who shoots his mother’s abusive boyfriend with whom they are living. The fly in the defense is that the victim is a popular local deputy. Of course, the reader knows that the lawyer will win the defense case, but the author makes the trip interesting. 3.5★

The Glass Room by Ann Cleeves; #5 in the Vera Stanhope series. Marching my way through this series. A fun read, even though — as usual — the killer is a complete surprise. 3★

Harbour Street by Ann Cleeves; #6 in the series.


The Deep, Deep Snow by Brian Freeman.

I started reading Freeman’s books when my book club went to see him speak. He has a series with a Duluth, MN, police lieutenant, Jonathan Stride that I have read and enjoyed. This book is a stand-alone, but no less enjoyable. My only quibble was that in spite of the title and the fact that a significant part of the plot takes place in winter in northern Minnesota, I never got the real chill of that place. (If you want to feel it, read… oh, crap I cannot remember the name of the book and it apparently was not written by the author I remember. Or read Snowblind by P.J. Tracy.) 3★


The Crown on Netflix. I intended to watch the new season, but apparently I clicked on season one. So I decided watch the whole series again from the beginning. Such a good show. 5★

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Stuff on a Tuesday.

  • I have had a sore throat for nearly two weeks. No other symptoms, so I am chalking it up to allergies because I have been sneezing as though I just inhaled a bushel of ragweed pollen.
  • Genius move: I started taking a Claritin first thing in the morning. No sneezing! No itchy feeling in my nose! No help with the sore throat., though.
  • I have also been feeling weird — chills and sweats, especially in the first hours of the day. No fever, though — I checked. Maybe I am haunted?
  • From Saturday’s comments, the annual mistletoe auction in the UK has been cancelled due to the pandemic.
  • Go, science!
  • Our lake has frozen over and thawed and frozen over and thawed any number of times. It still is not completely frozen over. Good thing water is not damaged by repeated freezes and thaws.
  • Have I told you about my new(ish) breakfast/brunch meal? Saute some cooked brown rice (I always cook extra when I make a stir-fry), cut up an onion plus any other leftover veg and throw that in the pan; season with a teaspoon of curry powder. When the onions are cooked as much as I want I throw in a spoonful (or two) of minced garlic and scramble in an egg or two. Delightful! And the only things I have to count in my Weight Watchers journal are the initial oil or fat and the rice. Eggs and vegies are free.
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Links light the way.

Here’s a fun little thing: google loser.com.

This is a bit chilling, although not a surprise.

To paraphrase Bugs Bunny, “What a [bunch of] moroon[s]!”

Time travel as seen through a costume maker’s eyes.

Aliens exist.

Mandy Patinkin, I love you!

I am having these feelings, too.

“Dude, let it go!”

PSA regarding Obamacare signup.

Chernobyl Olafs.

Nope, not dead yet.

Fashion is awfully silly some years.

Links from Chris.

A friend in southern WI sent me this. The technical guy in our highway department had the original idea back in about 2010. They use the brine from making mozzarella at a local dairy, which brine used to be hazardous waster, and spray it on the roads. Mozzarella brine is the only cheese brine that has the proper level of salinity. I was on the county board, although not on the highway committee, at the time.

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Furry, feathered, scaly Friday.

Uber for the baby goldfinch.

King of the house.

Dogs return to the White House.

Mr. Murderbritches.

Baby llama.

These animals have the right ideas.

PSA regarding Thanksgiving foods that are or are not safe for dogs and cats.

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Ranty Thursday.

Okay, I am officially tired of this COVID-19 quarantine thing.

My book group met safely in a park over the summer. When the weather turned cold last month we met, masked and distanced, in a large meeting room at my library. But now that Wisconsin has turned into such a hot spot we are declaring a hiatus until after the holidays. We will see how things look in January, whether the steeply ascending case count has leveled off and whether our governor rescinds the current safer-at-home/avoid-all unnecessary-outings order. Two of us in the group have health conditions, and two of us have spouses with serious health conditions, so we are being prudent, as much as it hurts.

Now my newly formed knitting group, which includes two retired nurses, has decided on the same thing. No meetings until the new year.

Neither group has explored the possibility of Zoom or Google Meet yet. I am sounding out the members to see if there is any interest. Zoom free account limits meetings to 40 minutes; I don’t think Google Meet has such a limit. Have any of you used the latter? Sing out in the comment about your experience.

How are things in my area? Going from bad to worse. The case numbers more than doubled in the last 12 days, from 796 to 1,629. We had only 2 deaths up until October 23; now we have 8. Nothing like New York City in April or El Paso now, of course, but our rate is 3,760 per 100,000 people. That puts us nearly as bad as Gallup, NM, was last spring.

Smokey and I still hunker down at home almost all the time. He makes a major grocery run every couple weeks and a milk run more often. I have made any number of trips to various banks’ drive-through windows, necessitated by my treasurer duties. But beyond that, pretty much zilch. It’s a good thing we get along so well. It would be hell on wheels if we didn’t.

Enough with the ranting. Here are a couple good news stories.

  • Want to help out voters in Georgia? Vote Forward is an organization that connects volunteers with potential voters via hand-written letters from the former.  A template and guidelines are provided.  More information at the link.
  • People all over the country are painting rocks and sending them to a man in Irving, Texas; he and family place them along a local hiking trail. If I were any kind of an artist I would do that, too, but I’m not so I won’t.
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Unraveled Wednesday, 11/18/20.

Joining Kat and friends on Unraveled Wednesday.


Darned little knitting has gone on hereabouts. I added the i-cord bind off to the latest BSJ, but I didn’t add quite enough stitches when I turned the corner at the lower front. Corner is rounded, which is not what I was going for. But maybe I should just live with it and keep knitting.

I came across a couple of lovely skeins of sock yarn that I think I will make into a Hitchhiker. The prospect of continuing the afghan slog is just not lighting up my fun meter.


I picked up another book from my bookshelf — The Greenlanders by Jane Smiley. Smiley is one of my favorite writers, so I tend to buy her books rather than borrow them from the library. Not sure if I will finish it, though. It hasn’t really grabbed me, and it is rather a l-o-n-g book. Set in the 14th(?) century in Greenland, it tells of a family’s members’ lives and arguments and tragedies and triumphs. Not rated yet.

Oh, look! I somehow figured out how to format the book cover next to the text! Yay, me!


The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. Seven-episode miniseries that tells the story of an orphan girl in 1950s Kentucky who learns to play chess and becomes a prodigy. A few klunker moments, but overall very well done. 4★

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Fiber fantasies.

Knitting as rehab.

Okay, here is the correct link for that worm tutorial I mis-linked last week.

Stephen West.

Plied by Neanderthals.

“…it’s always either icy cold or unpleasantly warm and your yarn smells like sulfur…”


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