Fotography Friday.


Younger Son pulling weeds from the cracks in the sidewalk; September 2019.

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Unraveled Wednesday, 9/18/19.


I am having the best time knitting this Boxy. The garter stitch border took roughly forever, but now that I am in the acres-of-stockinette portion, it is nothing but mindless relaxing fun. After arranging all the cakes of red fingering weight on my tv table I realized that I have a bit more solid red than tonal or variegated, which means I need to take that into account when choosing the next cake. I am using helical stripes to blend the color–

Ooh, ooh, I just figured out how to apportion the colors! Four helical stripes of a solid, three helical stripes of a tonal/variegated! That should use up the yarns at roughly the same rate.


bk rough treatment.jpg

Rough Treatment by John Harvey. I finished this, the second book in the Charlie Resnick series. Writing was engaging, plot was a bit weak although better than book one in the series. 3★




bk nighttown.jpgNighttown by Timothy Hallinan. Another newly-discovered series! This is number seven in the Junior Bender series. The protagonist is a burglar (!) so it is roughly the opposite of a police procedural. Engaging, dry humor, reasonable although not fabulous plot line. Good enough that I might just read more of them. 3★



bk stashbuster knits.jpgStashbuster Knits by Melissa Leapman. Nothing here that grabbed me… except for the page where she lays out what weight/gauge one would end up with when holding two strands of yarn together. I am quite fond of that technique, so I shall scan that page of the book for future reference. As to patterns or inspiration, YMMV.


bk stash knitting.pngStash Knitting: 25 Quick and Easy Projects to Make by Emma Osmand. Ditto the above stashbuster book, except this one lacked that one useful page. As to patterns or inspiration, YMMV.





Not a book, but something I highly recommend: Home Fires, a British series available on Amazon Prime (we are watching the DVDs, which I got from the library). Smokey happened to catch one episode on our PBS affiliate in the middle of the night and said that he thought we would enjoy it. The acting, plots, cinematography, and even the background music are all excellent. (I liked the music so well I just ordered the soundtrack CD.) The series is set in Britain at the beginning of WWII and focuses on the women on the home front. Tragically, there are only two seasons.  Highly recommend!


Go check out the other linked posts on Kat’s blog!

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More yarn, please.




“Honey, I can do this one-handed.”   Related.

One badass knitter.

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Last parade of the season!


The unit in front of us. Lots of blondes in the Swedish Club.


Getting our float set up. Members of the local clown club are visible behind us. We had great fun joshing with them during the line-up.


What’s over there? Who knows, but it was definitely interesting.


One of the clowns joined us for a photo op.

Remember back in January 2018 when there was a special election for a state senate seat in Wisconsin? And remember how when the Democrat candidate won, it made the national news and started the murmurs about a Blue Wave? The woman in the center, Patty Schachtner, was that candidate. We are proud to call her our state senator! She is one hell of a woman — raised six kids, was the county medical examiner, organized community-support agencies, and basically never stops helping. She also rides a Harley and is a hunter.


A couple members of the clown club. The criminal kept hiding behind trees or sneaking up behind people to startle them. He (she?) was having as much fun as anyone.

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Links come in colors.

hyperlink purple pink

Floss. Eat your vegies. Go for a walk. Keep dementia at bay.

PSA regarding tipping at a Barnes & Noble cafe.


Exploding food.

Worm charming, a sport I had not heard of.

Other sports I had not heard of: flaming horseriding, horseback archery.

Cabs and ghosts.

“The bird did not spark joy.”

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End-of-summer links for those of you whose school starts later than the rest of us.

swing on chains

“Roses are red…”

The Four Horsewomen of the Trumpocalypse.

Balance: s/he’s got it.

Secret sky balls of happiness.

Demonic catz.

“Come on down here, we’re going to stop this train.”

Terrible things are happening.

PSA for anyone with wrist pain.

A wonderful visual to promote diversity. via

Go, grannie, go!

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Photography Phriday.


Bookstore window, Stillwater MN; August 2019.

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Unraveled Wednesday, 9/4/19.

We took a few days last week and went quasi-camping* on the North Shore. I took along my Fairfield sweater but did not work on it much. It is daunting to me, and I don’t exactly know why. I love the yarn and the pattern; I think it is because I got off a row or two in  the narrow cable panels so they no longer line up with the wider central cable panel. It’s such a little thing and something even I have trouble seeing, but the fact that I don’t get that satisfied feeling when the numbers just work is bothersome. Grow up, Kat™, and get going; that sweater ain’t gonna knit itself.


I finished a pair of double-thick socks while we were gone and cast on another pair. The second pair, below, will coordinate nicely with my olive green Carbeth.


I have had a potential sweater project in mind for a few months: a subtly striped Boxy by Joji Locatelli, using all my merino fingering skeins in various permutations of red. It would be a monumental task, akin to knitting an afghan, but I kept thinking of it and yearning to cast on. Yarns of simple, relaxing stockinette — a perfect alternative to the challenge of Fairfield (which really is not much of a challenge; I am just being a wimp about it.)

Then, last week Joji announced her fall KAL: pick one of her patterns, cast it on on September 1, then put the project on Ravelry and Instagram with the hashtag #jojifallkal2019. It was like the universe (via Joji) told me it was okay to attempt this sweater! So I did! There are 58 pages of #jojifallkal2019 projects on Ravelry; dozens of hats and shawls and scarves and cowls and darned few fingering weight Boxys besides mine.


Here I go! Check back with me in 2023…

Those socks up there are posing on my new computer that arrived yesterday, a mid-2019 MacBook Air to replace my early-2014 MacBook Air. I knew I was going to get a new one with some of the Jeopardy money but hadn’t pulled the trigger yet. Then tRump went crazy with his on-again-off-again tariffs and December-1-no-September-1-no-maybe-the-second-Tuesday-next-week, and I decided that I didn’t want to take a chance that the tariffs would affect the price. The new one compared to the old one: 8GB of RAM vs 4GM; 512GB hard drive vs. 120GB, plus other stuff I don’t really understand. According to the sold auctions I looked at on eBay, my old Air is worth $275 – $300, so that took a little sting out of the price of the new one. And if it lasts five years like the 2014 model did before being outdated, it will prove to be a good buy.

What I have been reading.

book lonely heartsLonely Hearts by John Harvey. I was excited to find a mystery author whose books I had not read. Sadly, this may not be my new favorite author. Several times I didn’t know what was going on, plus the eventually-revealed killer appeared out of nowhere three-quarters of the way through the book. I have the next two books in the series from the library. 2★


book-rough.jpgRough Treatment by John Harvey. I gave the above author a second chance, and it seems to be working out. Haven’t finished yet so I don’t know if this one will end in a more satisfactory manner, but the writing seems to be better — I haven’t found myself wondering what just happened. A tentative 3★


book tyranny.jpgOn Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the 20th Century by Timothy Snyder. Fascinating and important lessons for all of us on how to resist the creeping fascism imposed on our country by the current president and his party. 5★


book tattooed potato.jpgThe Tattooed Potato and Other Clues by Ellen Raskin. This may be a young adult book, but is not condescending to its readers. I found it entirely enjoyable. 4★


book snakesThe Snakes by Sadie Jones. Decent writing, but I was shocked and disappointed by the ending. 2-1/2★




* Quasi-camping = done in the mini-mini-motorhome. No tents, no sleeping bags; cuddled up in a queen-size bed under a down comforter with Smokey and at least two dogs. Latte in the morning, go out for dinner in the evening. No roughing it for The Kat™.

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Eat, knit, and dye.


Knit a sock.

Send her some love.

Creative stabbing.



Leader sheep: not to be confused with a bellwether.

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School’s about to start. End of summer links.

swing on chains

Horse tales.

Cookbooks; very, very old cookbooks.

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