Rant of the week.

“…his party’s base now consists of a few conspiracy theorists dressed up as Beowolf… (NSFW)

Thank you to all those who send me blog fodder — political videos, animal videos, screen shots, etc. I shall not name you because I know I would forget someone. But know that I delight in what you send.

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Unraveled Wednesday, 1/20/21.

First of all, let’s all rejoice about this:

Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday.


Two hats for the Blue Hat Project.

The hat on the left is nearly done. Trying to decide whether to start another hat or pick up a UFO. Stay tuned…


To Tell You the Truth by Gilly Macmillan. This was a real page-turner of a suspense novel, all the while wondering if this were an unreliable narrator. I shall not reveal whether that was the case. The ending seemed a little rushed, but that is my only criticism. 3★




The Scorpion’s Tail by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child. These two authors always deliver a decent suspense novel. This one, set in the deserts of New Mexico, does not disappoint. 3★





The Innocent by Ian McEwan. McEwan is one of my favorite authors ever since I read Atonement nearly 20 years ago. I thought this one was a new book, but it turns out to have been published in 1989. The “innocent” of the title is a young English post office technician who has been sent to Berlin in 1955 to help with a secret project tunneling under the Soviet section of the city to tap into their phone lines. The plot takes a very strange turn in the last section. 4★




I watched the first episode of Bridgerton on Netflix, but had a hard time keeping the characters straight. Carole says to keep watching and it will all fall into place.



The Pale Horse on Amazon Prime. I watched episode one last week, haven’t gotten to episode three yet because X Files. Agatha Christie always delivers. (Except towards the end of her writing career. Those books were not up to snuff, imho.)

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Ranting ad nauseum.

Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama.

“… it is becoming increasingly obvious that a grievous disconnect continues to exist in the attitude of many in law enforcement—and now, apparently, many in our judiciary system…”

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Drug bingo!

Posted on Facebook by my friend Jeff. We have been playing along since Christmas Eve but somehow do not have a bingo yet; we do have a couple columns/rows that need only one more. I think Jeff may watch different television show than we do.

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Saturday links.

Free pizza to help humanity!

My man Aaron will host Jeopardy later this year.

Good news for a Maine organic farm.

Seven days in a Swedish lighthouse with nothing to do except watch movies.

I missed this on the evening news. Everyone should watch it. He was a hero long before the riot.

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Furry Friday.

Infinite puppies. Srsly, I gave up before it ended because I needed to sleep. Use your space bar to advance to the next puppy.

Miracle cat.

Singapore otters out for their morning run.

Barking mad.

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Unraveled Wednesday, 1/13/21.


After setting aside the afghans and finishing the hats, I had nothing OTN that I wanted to pursue. But we had to drive into Minneapolis on Monday, so I realized that I needed a small portable project for the drive. This was right after I had read my “to do in 2020” list; one of the things on it was to knit 10 blue hats for the Blue Hat Project. Hurrah! I forgot about that intention during 2020, but I can jump on it now.

Behold, Hat The First.

The stockinette portion of this hat is how much I knit on the drive into Minneapolis on Monday. The yarn is Berroco Vintage in Cerulean.. The knitting bag is by my friend Mary, who sadly does not sell online. There is also a little notions pouch of the same fabric instide.


These Women by Ivy Pochoda. This is a sort-of mystery, sort-of police procedural, but what it really is is a novel about women who are on the edge of the sex trade — prostitutes, dancers, teenagers who haven’t made the actual plunge into that world. The Goodreads summary describes them well. What it doesn’t emphasize is the excellent language and descriptions the authors uses. 4★


I finished Tiny Pretty Things. It was decent watching, although I had to put down my knitting whenever there was dancing. Since dancing was the reason I started watching it.

Next up may be Bridgerton. Netflix is pushing it, and I think Kay&Ann recommended it.

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A few choice rants on a Tuesday.

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Yarny ol’ links.

Meryl Streep shows her 1967 sewing kit.

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Sometimes you just have to speak out against the madness.

One of my half-sisters is a one-issue voter: abortion. This is how I responded to a recent IM by her and her friends.

“You people are part of a cult — a t***p cult. You support a man who has sexually assaulted women — and bragged about it? He has no knowledge of history, which really should be a prerequisite for holding federal office, by his ignorance of the fact that Fredric Douglass died over a 120 years ago. He has denigrated the families of those who died in the service of our country. He called them suckers and losers. He is a danger to our democracy. You have been duped because he saw your hot button issue: abortion. You are willing to accept sedition and treason in order to prevent abortion. He condemned that act and gained your support, never mind what else he stood for. While I believe you are all intelligent people, you have been duped, and I grieve for your beliefs.“

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