I want a cake just like Ellie’s!

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Bright yarns FTW.

hanging skeins


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The rant store is open for business.



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I want to leave you with something positive, and what could be more positive than #44?


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Radioactive links.

chain radioactive

A video meditation.

Back on my bullshit.

This could apply to so many things.

Frothy masterpieces.

Dude, where’s my shark?

The feel-good story of the week.

A better version of drump’s Axios interview.

Want to see some amazing photos? Here ya go!

Green = hover text.

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Furry Friday.

Dogs and leaves.

Things to know about horses.

“My harp session turned into a Disney movie.

A very territorial lemming.

Someone explain the rules of this game.

good boi anatomy


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accurate lol

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Stuff on a Thursday. And some rants. But rants in a different key.


  1. Younger Son is all signed up to be a poll worker in Minneapolis at the August 11 primary, plus the November 3 general election. I am not signed up to be a poll worker, unlike pretty much every election since 2014. Being at higher risk myself (age, obesity) and living with someone at much higher risk (age, obesity, male, type 2 diabetic, stage 4 kidney disease) I am not willing to risk sitting at our polling place for 13 hours no matter what safety measures are in place.
  2. The Wisconsin primary — but not its presidential primary — is next Tuesday. (Non-binding presidential primary was in April.) Smokey and I mailed in our ballots over a week ago. Mail service has been rather unreliable over the past few months, which I blamed on low morale at the USPS. For example, we got no mail delivery on Monday, even though the email of scanned envelopes I get every morning showed that we had mail. Now I find that it is all the fault of the new Postmaster General, who put in directives bound to screw up mail delivery. ::fuming::
  3. I filed all my July state and federal campaign finance reports on time, well before the due date on some. I am proud.

And now, rants in a somewhat different key than usual.



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Unraveled Wednesday, 8/5/20.

Joining Kat and friends today to talk about knitting and reading.



Bootie #1 to go with the BSJ; the i-cord tie is still to come. It took me at least a week to knit this wee thing because it was not enjoyable. I had to flog myself to pick it up every evening.


This is why it was not fun — it was like knitting with a porcupine. I chose to use DPNs because the foot was rectangular and switch to Magic Loop for the ankle. Bootie #2 is being done entirely with Magic Loop. It still is not as much fun as knitting usually is, being so small and fiddly. Percy was not sympathetic.


book crossing.jpg


The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths. One of you mentioned reading the Ruth Galloway series. I remembered reading the first one, pictured left, a couple years ago and liked it. So I requested the first three books in the series, and finished the first one (again) last week. Much of the plot had fallen out of memory, although I did remember there was something bad about one of the characters. Looking forward to the next books in the series. 3★


book janus stone


The Janus Stone by Elly Griffiths. Book two in the series. Sadly, it is largely a replay of book one with a different plot. The author uses the same suspense devices — protagonist alone in a spooky/dangerous place, ominous footsteps, mysterious breathing. Maybe if I hadn’t just finished the first book it wouldn’t have seemed so repetitive, but I had so it did. Since I already have book three I will read it; if the author doesn’t change it up, the rest of the series will be dead to me. 2★


book house seas end.jpg


The House at Sea’s End by Elly Griffiths. Happily, book three in the series was better. New perils, although the same kind of red herrings and surprise villain. I may continue the series. 3★








We finished season 3 — final season — of Jessica Jones. Smokey figured out why I like the series: it’s essentially a detective story with a strong female lead. Yep, that’s it. 4★





movie radioactive


Radioactive on Amazon Prime. A movie of the story of Marie Curie, written and directed by Marjane Satrapi, author of the Persepolis graphic novels. Interesting, some stuff I didn’t know about Curie. 3★

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Ranting my life away.


Job responsibilities now 100% optional in Wisconsin.

Stalin said that he who counts the votes wins. In the US it may be he who runs the postal service.

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Crochet, one of the Dark Arts.


First photo: “Paint me like one of your French girls.” 
Second photo: “Yeah, it’s MY couch. What’s your point?”
Third photo: The cushions! the teeny afghan!

grandma crochet.jpeg


knit vote buttons.jpg

Available here. $10 for the set of four.

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Oh, the rants…


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