Instagram Sunday: the political humor edition.

Note: I put this post together on the second of September. It is entirely possible that some of it may be so dated by the time it publishes that the humor falls flat[ter than usual]. Such is life…

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   IMG_0585.jpg   IMG_0587.jpg

IMG_0593.jpg IMG_0591.jpg

IMG_2318.jpg   IMG_2327.jpg

IMG_2301.jpg   IMG_0598.jpg

IMG_0582.jpg   IMG_0605.jpg

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The IG saga continues.



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Last night’s IG.


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Tonight’s IG.


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IG on Kavanaugh.


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Knitting IG.


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Instagram Sunday: non-political humor.

IMG_0612.jpg   IMG_0606.jpgIMG_0547.jpg

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Instagram Sunday: the animal edition.


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gender links

How to respect your waitress.

“…civilization de-skills us to make us dependent…” Discuss amongst yourselves.

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Crafty links.


Got a Singer sewing machine? Got a Gameboy? You are good to go.

This photo sent me down a Ravelry rabbit hole.

For all us Van Gogh fans.

Cutest dog sweater photo EVAH!

OMG, the tree mitts are fabulous! More breathtakingly creative gorgeousness here.

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