Saturday stuff, 8/16/22.

 “But the lesson is that we’re all immigrants, whether you’ve been in a place for 10 minutes or 9,000 years. We’ve all come from somewhere.”

I don’t even know what to call this.

How to move a snapping turtle off the road. Hat tip to Chris for this useful information.

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Furry Friday, 8/12/22.

If you are a dog and want to get adopted, go crash a wedding party.

Do not wear black shoes around this tortoise.

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Ranting Grumbling away, 8/9/22.

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Primary day (in Wisconsin)!



Meet the candidate who will (fingers crossed) defeat Ron Johnson in November for Johnson’s current Senate seat: Mandela Barnes, current lieutenant governor of Wisconsin.

Click to see the article in Rolling Stone
Mandela Barnes in Polk County, 2018, during his successful run for lieutenant governor.
We knew than that he was destined for bigger things. Smart, articulate, and an all-around good man.
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Fiber Monday, 8/8/22.

Yesterday’s earworm: I’m Still Standing / Elton John.

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Saturday stuff, 8/6/22.

Yesterday’s earworm: Separate Ways / Journey.

The museum of endangered sounds.

Katharine, the other Wright sibling.

Not for me. A similar article from the NYTimes.

The Wizard of Oz.

Want to learn Spanish / French / Japanese / Korean / Turkish?

Wisconsin partisan primary is next Tuesday. The League wants you to vote.

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Anyone thinking about moving to south Minneapolis? Here is our house for sale: photos, including drone shots; scroll down for more. Technology has really come a long ways in the realty field since the 1980s when we bought that house and the 1990s when we bought this one.

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Furry Friday, 8/5/22.

Senior rescues.

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Not done ranting yet, 8/4/22.

Earworm of the day week: I am still singing She’s a Beauty by the Tubes every damned day.

A terrible idea: “You can tell me all you want with your rhetoric that school safety is a priority, but I will know whether it is when I look at your budget, your actions and your leadership.”


Now that I have blown off some ranting steam, I need to tell you that today, August 4, is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. Go on, indulge yourself for one day. You deserve it!

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Unraveled Wednesday, 8/3/22.

Joining Kat and friends. Go see what the others are up to.


Sorry, no knitting photos today. I usually take them the day before, but yesterday Smokey and I were in MN buying another mini-mini-motorhome, and when we got home I was too tired to do it. Suffice to say, I finished two more hats, started a third for car knitting, and today I will begin the baby blanket once I cake up some yarn.


The Last Bookshop in London / Madeline Martin. This one is my book group’s book for August. Set in London during and after The Blitz, the story follows a young woman who leaves her small town and moves to London with her best friend in order to have lives more exciting than they would have had at home. She finds a job in a bookshop that changes her life in good ways, and she discovers talents she didn’t know she had. All that is fine, but the first half of the book was disappointing and rather dull. I knew exactly what was going to happen — a particular young man would die, she would fall in love with another man who (conveniently) falls in love with her. And I never try to figure out what will happen in a book, so that tells you how predictable this book is. The second half set during the Blitz and later was engrossing — yay! 3★


Every Patient Tells a Story / Lisa Sanders, M.D. This is by the same author as Diagnosis, which I reported on last Wednesday. This one is interesting, but not as enjoyable as the other book. Fewer patient stories and more philosophizing about the need for physical exams and less reliance on technology. 3★






I gave up on Harlem Shuffle when it began to repeat itself — an error in manufacture? I hadn’t downloaded any audiobooks to my phone so I had nothing to listen to. Remedied that on Sunday. On yesterday’s outing I started The Damage by Caitlin Wahrer.



Still watching Suits. I’m closing in on the end of season four out of nine. Smokey has been spending entire days in Minneapolis doing the little repairs that need to be done before the realtor open house yesterday, so that has been my cue to watch this show in the evenings. He would absolutely hate it — high priced NY attorneys fighting with each other, big deals, everyone polished to the nth degree. Not his thing.

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Anti-rant Tuesday, 8/2/22.

Flowers are magical! So are commercial cannabis growers!


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The month of July has flown past — the first two weeks I was madly trying to finish some quarterly/monthly/semi-annual financial reports, the second half largely spent hanging out on the deck with Elder Son and Wife. Although the hanging out gave me lots of time for knitting… and it was delightful to have them here for an entire week.

Kym blogged about celebrating her small wins, and I think I need to do that. Big wins take more time. But as I sit here trying to think of some small wins to celebrate, I am coming up empty. That tells me that either 1, I had no small wins (not likely), or B, that I need to work harder to remember them.

On another front, the plan to sell our house in Minneapolis proceeds apace. Good grief, there are a lot of things to be done! The big things — painting inside and out, refinish the hardwood floors, finish the electrical upgrade, new flooring in kitchen, half bath, sun room, and finished basement — were done weeks/months ago. Now Smokey is finishing the little things — install the front door handle and lock, replace a couple light fixtures, install a ceiling fan, etc.,etc., etc. Today was the realtor open house, and our agent will list the house tomorrow. She had the house staged and had a professional photographer come in to take photos for the listing. Keep your fingers crossed for a bidding war!

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