Sparkly, rusty links for a week before Christmas.

chain rusty w sparkles

Floating bookstore.

Best of friends!

Discuss among yourselves.


Why the women’s costumes in Wonder Woman are fabulous.


Local story.

Not a local story.

Links from Chris.

Facebook being a dick (again).

Oh, it just got *ALL* kinds of motherfuckin’ festive around here.

The best Christmas movies (according to someone).

Canada, you goof.

A different view of the Cinderella story.

One man’s cure for insomnia.

“Mixed media projects about staying warm.”

Can you stand some more endearingly sweet animal-human photos?

Cat & chipmunk.

Open borders.

Merry Christmas!

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3 6TT.


Three things I like about the holiday season:

  1. The lights. Here in the dark and frozen North, anything with lights is welcome.
  2. The festive feeling. Sadly, I find very little of that feeling welling up inside me. It’s not that I am depressed; I think it may be because here in the country I have so little exposure to Christmas decorations, Christmas music, and the general outpouring of Christmas everything that would surround me if I lived in a more populated area. Not that I am complaining, mind you; all that Christmas can get overwhelming.
  3. Presents. Really, do I have to say anything about this?



Three things I dislike about the holiday season:

  1. The pressure. Every woman in America knows what I am talking about. Decorating, baking, buying and wrapping gifts, making a big meal. It’s a lot of work, and I am constitutionally opposed to working under pressure (even though sometimes that is the only way Things Get Done.)
  2. Christmas cards. I like getting Christmas letters, but a card with just a signature and a few words — why bother? Also not fond of the addressing and stuffing and stamping of our own. (See “pressure,” above.)
  3. Cooking an enormous meal for Christmas Day. I just don’t do this any more. None of us need the calories, and I don’t like having to provide them. We often find a holiday meal being served elsewhere, usually for a free will donation. I am happy to donate generously to not have to do all the work myself.


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Unraveled Wednesday.

Annual warm clothing drive time here.


Still obsessed with helical stripes, as you can see. And I thought it would be fun to make the mittens asymmetrical. Set is toddler/pre-school sized.

IMG_1470 2.jpg

This hat is much smaller than the one above, more like infant sized. No mittens for this one. (I hate knitting thumbs, especially tiny ones. If I ever knit miniature mitten ornaments you  will know I have gone completely round the bend.)


Finally took a photo of this finished hat. It will go to the clothing drive, too. 

I also made a pair of fingerless gloves for my amputee friend. She can wear them when she goes outside in her wheelchair for a cigarette. Smoke breaks are cold here in Wisconsin winters.


See the faint line around the right one above the gusset? That is a turning row; left one shows the cuff turned back. I am soooo impressed with the cleverness of me.

* * * * *

I finished The Absent One by Jussi Adler-Olsen; two stars. I figured out why it was taking me so long to read it: it dragged for me. Plus, there were occasional sentences or paragraphs that fell like clunkers in my head, which I blame on the translation. Annoying.

Currently reading The Passage by Justin Cronin. It seems fairly gripping, which is good because it is >700 pages long. I think I may need to step up my reading, though — an hour a night is not gonna cut it. On the down side, it turns out that it is first book in a trilogy. Not sure if I want to commit to that. If this one drags at all, I am outta there.

In my ears: I started Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate. This was actually a bit of a mistake; I wanted to get Celeste Ng’s previous book, the one before Little Fires Everywhere, but after reading the description I realized that I had read it a couple years ago. So I guess I clicked on this one because it was recommended. Hard to say, really. Anyhow, it seems okay after the first hour.

Go check out more Unraveled posts over at Kat’s place.  


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You just never know when yarn will come in handy.

I bought a couple pairs of Dansko clogs ($31 on Amazon! Normally >$100! Score!) this fall. One pair is large enough that I can wear my normal half-sole arch supports in them, but the other is one metric size smaller. Not enough room. I need the arches (old age ain’t for sissies!) — what to do?


Happily, I had also purchased some other arch supports to try out. They came with adhesive tape, but most of the reviewers on Amazon decried it for not working.

First, I tried rubber cement. It lasted one wearing. Actually, not even one wearing; the sole of the clog is curved, and the glue didn’t hold at the front and back corners.


Goop to the rescue! Smokey is the King of Adhesives; this is what he recommended from his large assortment of such things.

There was still the problem of holding the arch support in place while the goop dried. Smokey recommend clamps, and I improvised for the front corner, where it was too difficult to fit in the clamp.


Yarn to the rescue!

It all worked swimmingly… for about three wearings. Then the goop let loose ,and the arch supports were no longer fastened to the sole. Maybe I will just give up and let them slide around*

And that is your update of the minutiae of my life.

* Actually, they kinda sorta stay in place well enough.

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Lacy links.


A sweet story.

“Style matters, and cute brings you out in an unsightly rash.”

Sheep buttons.

Me, too.

Knit like this, not like this.

How to buy yarn for a knitter.

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What’s happening? Not much.

Not much to say, but I feel like I should post something. I have learned from experience, however, that if I have photos the post(s) write themselves. Here goes

Elder Son and GF have unpacked nearly all their books.

That is eight — count em, eight! — bookshelves. There are at least two other shorter ones, too. I had a great time scanning the shelves while I was there and wishing I had enough time to read all the books that interested me.


We had a snow- and windstorm last week. This dead tree, which I had been thinking I should have cut down, took care of itself. Happily, it missed Smokey’s convertible and the house. Sadly, the tree is too heavy for Smokey or I to move ourselves. (That little fence is so our unfriendly neighbor doesn’t have to see us when he is here in the summer.)

Smokey decided the our dogs should celebrate the season. Only Lady was patient enough to wear a hat or antlers.

Ser Percival The Energetic is here for the next month or so while Younger Son is traveling for work (India for 1-1/2 weeks in January!). Poor dog has no fur so Smokey bought him a cheapo sweater, an Ugly Christmas Sweater. He wears it all the time, even when relaxing on the bed.


Back before all the snow and winter arrived, a couple unknown dogs came to visit one day. Our dogs, confined to the deck and their poop yard, were veerrryyyy interested. And a little jealous.

Can you stand a little more doggie stuff? I have been playing with that cross stitch app a lot.


Guess who?

Knitting has been happening, too, but you will have to wait until Unraveled Wednesday to see it. Suffice to say, none of it was for me. It is the season of giving, after all.


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Wooden you like some links?

chain on wood floor.jpg

Oh, my.

What would you swear on?

Adulthood, described.

Eyeballs FTW!

Custody battle.

This is for my fellow grammar punctuation Nazis.

Links from Chris.

Cheetahs purr.

Meghan Markle was always awesome.

Emotional baggage.

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Unraveled Wednesday.

Joining Kat and friends to talk about knitting and reading.

I did a bit of unraveling since I last posted about knitting.


From this…


…to this.

I brioched that cowl to within an inch of its life and never got more than an inch past the reverse stockinette border. In other words, brioche kicked my ass. Repeatedly.

Brioche, 10; me, 0. 

Never one to know when to say DIE, I frogged back to the afore-mentioned border with the intention of trying again (and maybe using a lifeline this time). But on the way to the border, I noticed that the yarn I was frogging was a slightly different color than the yarn that hadn’t been knitting yet, as you can see in the second photo above. Yes, the dye in that silk yarn was nowhere near color-fast. I had been having second thoughts about it while I was knitting, thinking that there was a fair chance that the dye would run when I washed the cowl. Well, there was no washing required to make that dye leave its silken home and migrate to the white wool.

So. I intend try this cowl again, probably after the holidays, and replace the white yarn with black or dark gray.  Anybody want to place bets on well that attempt at brioche will go?

On the reading front, I should have lots to report, since I haven’t put up an Unraveled post in two weeks. But I don’t.


norse mythologyStill listening to Neil Gaiman read Norse Mythology to me. (It’s going slowly because I only listen to it in the car, and I don’t have a commute. (That was the only good thing about having a commute: the listening time in the car. (But once  tax season starts again in February I will have a half-hour commute twice a week. Looking forward to that.))) Gaiman does good voices; Thor is appropriately belligerent and a bit dense, Freia is serene and clever, etc. There are occasional LOL moments.

I am trudging through The Absent One by Jussi Adler-Olsen, #2 absent one.jpgin the Department Q series. “Trudging” because I only read before I go to bed and this is a longish book. Plot and characterizations are okay, but I’m not sure I will continue this series. So many books, so little time.


On my nightstand are The Passage by Justin Cronin, Montaigne in Barn Boots: An Amateur Ambles Through Philosophy by Michael Perry, The Dark Net by Benjamin Percy, Delicious! by Ruth Reichl, and Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival by John Vaillant. Looking forward to all of those!

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Losing at NaNoBloMo but winning at life.


airplane- 640.jpg

I managed to blog every day in November… until the last two days. I had just returned from a long Thanksgiving weekend in New Mexico and was catching up on life. (This is why I do not do KALs nor swaps any more; I suck at such things.)

We were a travelin’ group over the Thanksgiving weekend. On Turkey Day I flew to New Mexico to spend a few days with Elder Son and family. Smokey drove to Illinois to spend that time with his brother, who was widowed in September. (Because The Bear is not into photo documentation, the blog will skip that journey. I will, however, spare you no details from my journey.) SIL had been been bedridden for several years and in constant pain, so the end was not as sad as it might have been otherwise.


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Dawn of another knitting links day.


Another kind of lace.

Socks for the winos among us.

For the cross stitch aficionados among us.

Tidy left-leaning decreases. via

For the crocheters: how to make an argyle scarf via the color pooling of variegated yarn

“Sometimes it is best just to jump right in.


Remember: green means there is hover text under the link.

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